Friday, September 10, 2010

Obama's Presser: Dead Man Walking

President Obama's press conference today was, well...embarrassing. It was obvious he didn't want to be there, and he used up as much time as possible with his pre-planned remarks as possible.

His delivery was wooden, stumbling and cold,and the only time he got at all animated when when he talked about defending Islam.

While I certainly don't support the proposed Qu'ran burning, the president is speaking through his posterior if he thinks it's going to have any effect on recruiting for jihad or will further endanger our troops. And I frankly don't care what he told General Petraeus or SecDef Gates to say about it.

Al Qaeda, Hamas, Hezbollah,Islamic Jihad, Jama'ah Islami, Abu Sayaf,the Taliban and their related ilk had no problem recruiting before 9/11 and those Muslims inclined to support some or all of these very similar groups have no problem doing it now, burning Qu'rans or not.

Notice also that the President, to his shame did exactly the same thing many Muslims around the world are doing. He used the collective 'we' to describe who would be burning what he called 'sacred texts.'

Someone needs to tell the man who is supposedly president of all the people that 'we' are not burning Qu'rans and do not need to be apologetic about it - it's one fringe preacher exercising his First Amendment rights.

For instance, the photo below shows Pakistanis, whose country has been the recipient of billions of American dollars burning the flag that belongs to all of us. This is going on now in the entire Muslim world, before a single Qu'ran has been barbecued. Think the president has anything to say to the Muslim world about this? :

The Muslim world typically blames all non-believers - violently so - for whatever seethe-fest is in fashion at any particular time. Yet they're the first to whine about Islamophobia victimizing all Muslims collectively whenever particular Muslims fall afoul of our laws or sensibilities.

The rest of the presser involved Obama making excuses for the economy - as if Democrats haven't had filibuster-proof control of Congress since 2007 - and avoiding questions about how many Democrat incumbents are running away from him and his policies in an effort to avoid responsibility for the mess they've created.

But then, that's precisely what Obama is attempting to do.

As I said, an embarrassing performance.

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louielouie said...

i'm glad when ff provides the detailed analysis of any of hussein's performances.
he recently didn't do that and i heard that voice.
i threw up in my mouth a little bit.

B.Poster said...

I don't support the proposed Koran buring either, however, I can understand why someone would want to do it. Doesn't the media have some responsibility for giving such attention to an insignificant individual such as this?

in the vanguard said...

This was a very good analysis of his talk, and your insight I commend, as well as your sound perspective.

Freedom Fighter said...

BP, The media crated this, after all.

Vanguard, thanks for the kind words.