Friday, September 17, 2010

Lisa Murkowski To Run As Write In Candidate In Alaska Senate Race

Yes, just another loyal Republican RINO.

Apparently what happened to Charlie Crist taught her zero.She's planning on running as a write-in candidate, which is even dodgier than Crist running as an independent.No wonder the Alaska Libertarian party wouldn't go anywhere near her.

She has absolutely no chance and is merely trying to throw the seat to Democrat McAdams out of sheer spite.

This will and should cost her her position as a member of the Senate's Republican leadership, where she now serves as Senate Republican Conference vice chair.

Even a lot of Murkowski's former supporters aren't going to buy this tantrum. Joe Miller, the choice of Alaska's Republican voters will handily win the Senate seat.

And instead of having the inside track to challenge Democrat Mark Begich in four years Princess Murkowski's political career is going to be over.

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Anonymous said...

If you were not sure of her committment to conservative beliefs before she decided to do this then I think this removes all doubt. She absolutely knows this will give the Democrat the election.

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh,I don't think so anonymous.

Alaskans in general are a pretty straight forward lot with small tolerance for phonies.

I think Joe Miller will do just fine.


Anonymous said...

I love the video of the kid throwing a tantrum!

That's Murkowski in a nutshell.

Alaska Guy.