Sunday, September 26, 2010

Palestinian Terrorists Strike: Man And Pregnant Wife Wounded Near Hebron

A nine-month pregnant Israeli woman and her husband were attacked when their car was fired upon while they were driving along Route 60 near Teneh Omarim, a small Israeli community which is just outside Mount Hebron.

The two were both wounded, but managed to drive to Soroka Hospital in Beersheba, where the mother delivered a healthy baby boy via C-section before undergoing her owns urgury, shown above with his father Sharon Zucker.

The al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's military wing, and al-Quds Brigades, the Islamic Jihad's military wing, claimed 'credit' for the shooting. This is known as 'peace negotiations, Palestinian style.'

The site of this shooting is not far from where five Israelis were murdered earlier in a similar attack.

As a gesture to strengthen Abbas and the so-called peace process, Israeli checkpoints were removed from Route 60. The results are obvious. And it's also likely that American-supplied weapons were used.

These attacks on Israel's civilians are being carried out in the name of the same people Israel is supposedly negotiating peace with. As shown above, the factions work together interchangeably when there are Jews to be murdered.

These terrorist factions were supposed to be dismantled by the 'Palestinians' under the Road Map. They have never done a single thing to do so.

As a matter of fact, Abbas now has the nerve to demand that dozens of Arab terrorists convicted in Israeli civil courts and incarcerated be released as a what good will gesture that will help give peace talks between the sides momentum going forward.

Mounir Mansour, the head of the Palestinian Prisoners Committee said that Abbas would expect the release of all 7,000 Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli prisons as part of any final peace agreement.

People like this. And there are plenty of other murderers in custody just like him.

Hopefully Netanyahu will tell Abbas exactly what he can do with his expectations.

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