Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Harry Reid: 'Screw The Troops, I Need To Get Re-Elected'

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is trying to pull something foul and self-serving off that bears mentioning, and I hope the people of Nevada are paying attention.

There's a major defense bill coming up in the Senate to provide our troops under fire with ammunition, weapons, food, uniforms and armor.

Harry Reid has announced that he is going to hold this bill hostage by tacking the controversial DREAM Act onto it as an amendment.

In case you've forgotten, The DREAM Act, which failed in the Senate previously provides what amounts to amnesty for illegal alien minors, as well as a blanket override of any state laws prohibiting them from accessing college tuitions at the same rates as legal in-state residents.

The bill specifies that the minors must have resided in the US continuously for at least five years prior to the bill's enactment and must be 'of good moral character' but like most such provisions in bills of this kind, the criteria for what constitutes 'proof' of residence and good moral character left loose and ill defined.

Reid's strategy is obvious..he's trolling for pro-amnesty votes in Nevada and he's willing to do it at the expense of our troops in harm's way.

This isn't the first time he's screwed with our troops under fire for the sake of his personal politics either.In 2006, Reid threw a fit and torpedoed a bill in committee that would have provided materials for our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, a badly needed military pay raise and aid to military families here at home who had family members deployed overseas via the National Guard and were struggling to meet their bills on a military paycheck simply because an amendment he tried to add for an Iraq withdrawal got solidly shot down.

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