Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Weekend Monkey On Politics: The Dela-War

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I gotta say I'm amused at the ReThug flame war going on over the Delaware GOP primary.

The race is for Joe Biden's old seat, now that he's been promoted to the upper limit of his incompetency.

One the one hand, the Rethugs got an old time insider named Mike Castle, who might as well be one of my Democrats based on how he's voted in Congress. As a matter of fact, if I were Obama and he wins the seat, I'd work on getting him to pull an Arlen Spector.

One the other hand, you have that rare occurrence, an actual hottie in politics, Christine O'Donnell. Yum! You can see why this guy ain't looking at her face..not that the face is tough on the eyes either....


She also has no experience whatever and is a Tea Party babe, which doesn't play too well in a Blue State like Delaware.

Castle was all set to win to win the seat, since Joe-Joe's sprout Beau Biden ran into legal problems over his lobbying and decided it might not be a good idea to run right now. All my Donkeys were able to put up was a non-descript leftish politico named Chris Coons, and Castle appeared to be a shoo-in...until the Tea Party got into the act and started pushing O'Donnell.

The mainstream ReThugs have been having a lot of problems like this, where decent Democrat-Lite Republicans are getting challenged and knocked off by by wild-eyed Tea Party candidates.

Our old pal Sarah Palin came out recently endorsing O'Donnell, and so did Jim DeMint, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and a whole slew of other commentators on RightWing Wacko Radio.Sarah Palin even did a robo-call, which this Monkey would have loved to have heard, even if she didn't talk dirty.

Meanwhile, mainstream ReThugs like Charles Krauthammer and Bill Kristol have been bitching at Palin and DeMint for being 'divisive' while the rest of the boys at the National Review and the Weekly Standard have been pretty much towing the GOP line and writing hit pieces on O'Donnell.

Sheesh, the local GOP even did a robocall of its own, saying that O'Donnell was just 'out to make a buck'...which is weird considering that they're backing a guy who somehow became a millionaire on a legislator's salary.Not that there's anything wrong with that...in politics, you give a few bananas out, you get some back,nudge nudge, wink wink chuckyrangel.

Anyway,if Christine O'Donnell just wanted to make a few bucks, she doesn't need a Senate seat. There's always Playboy..or maybe the weatherbabe's spot at FOX.


The problem here is that the ReThugs have a choice they don't really like. They can vote for a Democrat-lite and likely win a seat but lose out in DC, or they can can go with the hottie and stand a decent chance of losing in the general.After all, she's run for this seat twice already and gotten stomped, so it's not like she has that new, fresh aroma thing going for her.

Either way,it's likely a losing proposition for the ReThugs, especially the Tea Party wackos unless O'Donnell gets the nomination and somehow pulls off a win in the general. Maybe all she needs is a little choreography, you know, to show off her assets. That might do it...hee hee hee!

The primary's today, so they're going to have to make a decision. By the way, this one is too close to call from where I sit. I wouldn't even think about laying unless some idiot is willing to give you Castle or O'Donnell with three to five points.

Of course, the smart thing for the ReThugs would have been to stop trashing each other, let the primary unfold and then get behind the winner.Ideally, Castle could have made some Conservative noises and O'Donnell could have eased up on the hard line rhetoric and connected with her inner cheerleader...but now it's too late for that.

I love it when the ReThugs get to warring among themselves like a deranged tribe of baboons that's been into a little too much fermented fruit. Maybe things aren't as grim for my Democrats as they seem.

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Right Truth said...

Re-Thugs, I like that. Better to cast a vote for a Conservative than sully Republicans with another RINO.

Right Truth

Anonymous said...

I'm still wondering who Weekend Monkey realy is.

Chris Dodd maybe?