Friday, September 17, 2010

Cutting Edge Israeli Political Satire - LATMA's Pre-Yom Kippur Edition

A few notes...The Arab character with the big mustache who says he hopes Israelis have a miserable fast and never eat again is a LATMA regular, 'The Palestinian Minister of Continuous Outrage.'

The real name of Peace Now's(Shalom Akshav in Hebrew) director general actually is Yariv Oppenheimer, and yes, he really is that much of a buffoon.

Boneh Aider in his character as the lefty reporter is singing a parody of an Elton John song called "Sorry seems to be the hardest word" - but with different lyrics. Sir Elton, as you may know just flipped the bird not too long ago to a bunch of has been artists pressuring him to boycott the Jewish State and did a series of sold out shows in Israel.

The White Paper briefly referred to as Barack Obama's other book for adults in Israel was the notorious British policy that attempted to defraud Jews out of their homeland by cutting off all Jewish emigration to Palestine in 1939, thus trapping millions of Jews in Europe and contributing greatly to the death toll of the Holocaust.

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