Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cutting Edge Israeli Satire: LATMA'S Latest


A few crib notes..Bibi Netanyahu is a particular admirer of Winston Churchill, so the satire in that sketch,complete with a TAU lefty professor is directly aimed at Netanyahu.

The Jewish holiday of Sukkot starts tonight at sundown, and part of that holiday involves building a sukka, a small temporary structure in which the open sky must be partially visible, to commemorate the time the Jews spent wandering in the Wilderness.

The sketch satirizes the Muslim seethe-fest over one woman building a small succa and 'destroying the peace' versus the sort of things the Muslim nations are involved in every day.

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Anonymous said...

=D It all makes sense now : It was CHURCHILL's fault ! Why hasn't that occurred to me before ? All these trouble-makers in history : Churchill, Lincoln, Florence Nightingale, Jesus, Moses, Voltaire, the Duke Of Wellington, Marco Polo, Ben Franklin, George Washington, Queens Victoria & Elizabeth ( parts I & II ), Xena, the original Broadway cast of Cats ... really why do they keep making a muck of everything ? -- dragon/dinosaur