Wednesday, September 29, 2010

EU Foreign Policy Chief Ashton Demands Freeze Extension Ahead Of Israel Visit

Catherine Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief is scheduled to come to Israel for meetings with Israeli PM Netanyahu, Mahmoud Abbas, and Arab -American US envoy George Mitchell.

So of course, she had to pop off beforehand and let the Israelis know that she's not interested in their point of view in the least.

In a press conference, she basically demanded the Israelis extend the building freeze indefinitely. In fact, she wants it done before she lands and deigns to set foot in Israel!

I love come to Israel as a guest with the idea that you're going to dialog with the Israelis and try to solve a problem. So of course, you open your big mouth beforehand to let the Israeli know they can't expect even-handedness or fairness from you.

Needless to say, this isn't the first time Ashton has opened her mouth to make bizarre statements regarding Israel.But this time, her timing is especially lousy..especially if she had any hopes of actually convincing the Israelis to make any concessions.

The EU haas funded 'Palestinian' terrorism and anti-Israel NGO's for years, they have very little moral or practical authority left in this matter and it's about time they realized it.

The sheer arrogance of these people is amazing. If I were Netanyahu, I would give Ashton my regrets and send Israeli foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman to meet with her instead.

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yzernik said...

I know that British women are not known for being attractive, but this Ashton lady always makes me cringe.

louielouie said...

the guy in the photo isn't too shiny either.........

Anonymous said...

I don't think it matters what she looks like. She is right. Somebody has got to slow or halt his exercise in greed and murder by the greedy Israeli settlers and their business and political leadrs Go Ashton!!!

Freedom Fighter said...

Greed and murder, anonymous? You must be have to be talking about the 'Palestinians'!

Trust me,if the Israelis really wanted to treat the 'Palestinians' the way the Arabs treated the Jews after 1948, this war would have been over a long time ago.

And what's the EU going to do, anyway? Try to invade Israel? LOL!