Friday, September 17, 2010

Democrats Working On Yet Another Economy Killer - An Online Sales Tax

Online sales from retailers like Amazon.Com and E-bay are popular with consumers, and one of the chief attractions is purchases without the necessity of paying an onerous sales tax. In California for instance, those sales taxes can be up to 10% and up.

In an effort to get more of your money to spend, state legislatures are working on implementing and enforcing statutes to collect the tax, but they're hampered in these efforts by a 1992 Supreme Court ruling that businesses are only responsible for adding sales taxes on every sale they make in a state where they have a “physical nexus”. If they have a store, a warehouse, a distribution center, or an office, they're supposed to tack the state’s sales tax onto your bill and remit it to the state.

Amazon, for example, collects sales taxes only in Washington (its home state), Kansas, Kentucky, North Dakota and New York.

But the real news is at the Federal level. Retiring Massachusetts Democrat Rep. William Delahunt took time out from his normal Israel bashing to introduce a bill back in July that would give states legal authority to force online retailers to collect and remit taxes on online purchases, no matter where they're based. The bill has significant Democrat support.

Needless to say, implementing this would raise the cost of doing business to online retailers, result in higher prices and fees passed on to the consumer and ultimately less sales and yet another drag on the economy.

This is obviously a warm up to a Federal Value Added Tax(VAT), which has tax and spend politicians literally drooling at the prospect of automatically stealing millions of your hard earned dollars without the necessity of having to take any responsibility for raising taxes at election time.

Just another reason not to vote for a single Democrat or tax and spend RINO in November. They aren't to be trusted.

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