Thursday, September 16, 2010

Rasmussen's First Post-Primary Delaware Poll

Not insurmountable numbers at all, everything considered:

Coons (D) 53%
O’Donnell (R) 42%

Plus Harry Reid just handed Christine O'Donnell her first ad on a silver platter, describing Chris Coons as his 'pet'.

As Jeri Thompson over at the American Spectator points out, Christine O'Donnell's biggest problem might just be the GOP establishment's grudging attitude towards a woman who is, after all their party's official nominee chosen by Delaware's Republican voters.

Obama has a negative approval rating in Delaware and Chris Coons is an Obamabot who can be easily tied to the president.

This is still very much a winnable seat.

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B.Poster said...

I agree with the analysis that this is very much winnable, however, to make this happen, I think the Republican establishment will need to get behind her. The attacks from the media will come fast and they will come furious. It's questionable whether or not she can mount a formidable defense or even a good offense without their assistance.

Even if the Republican establishment does not get behind her, this seat still may be winnable but it will likely be much tougher. Frankly I'm having trouble understanding these Republican elites these days. It's clear they hate the "tea party" and would love to see it destroyed yet they are going to need constructive relations with the "tea party" if they expect to be successful. It almost seems they would rather be "bipartisian" and "reach accross the aisle" even if means their own extinction. In other words being "Democrat-Lite" seems to their prefered mode of operating operating. It would seemt that these people are masochistic. They must think "hey beat me up again!! It was so much fun getting whipped last time lets do it again!!"