Monday, September 06, 2010

Abbas: 'I Can't Allow Even One Concession To Israel'

More proof, if it were needed that Mahmoud Abbas has no intentions of any kind of reasonable agreement with Israel. Less than four days after sitting down with Israeli PM Netanyahu, in Washington, Abbas is already pouring cold water on those high expectations.

"The talks will be for this month only,” Abbas was quoted by the Palestinian Authority’s Al-Ayyam newspaper as saying. “If the Israeli government extends the freeze, we will continue with the talks. But if they don’t extend, we will withdraw from the negotiations.”

Abbas stressed that he would not make any concessions to Israel.

“If they demand concessions on the rights of the refugees or the 1967 borders, I will quit. I can’t allow myself to make even one concession,” he said.

In other words, this isn't a negotiation to's an ultimatum.

Abbas also said that the Palestinians insist on any territory they control being completely judenrein, and that they would not accept any Jewish presence there whatsoever.

Let's reiterate...Abbas wants Israel to create 500,000 Jewish refugees and give him the entire area of Judea and Samaria(AKA The West Bank). He wants half of Jerusalem, including the Jewish Holy sites which will then of course be barred to Jews. And he wants the right to flood the rest of Israel with thousands of genocidal 'refugees'.

In exchange for all that, Israel gets a piece of paper signed by an unelected 75-year-old dictator who doesn't even come close to controlling all the Palestinian factions - even his own Fatah.And someone who might very well be overthrown by Hamas if left to his own devices.

Such a deal!

Since Israel will never agree to this and Abbas knows it, it's worth asking why Abbas even bothered to show up.

First and foremost, he wants to make sure the aid money keeps flowing into his coffers, which meant he had to make at least a pretense of showing up. Second, he wants to see the Israeli settlement freeze continue so that the Palestinians can continue trying to colonize Judea and Samaria as much as possible. And third, he wants to keep the IDF in place until Abbas feels his Fatah security forces have at least a fighting chance of prevailing against Hamas so that Hamas doesn't destroy him and take over.

In other words, he wants the status quo to continue.

The entire Palestinian mindset is riveted to the idea that someday, the Jews will be driven out forcibly and all of Israel will belong to the Palestinians. It's what Palestinians are constantly programmed with in their schools,mosques and media. And Abbas can never settle for anything less, just like his old boss Arafat couldn't.An end to the conflict that doesn't include the Jews being removed from Israel is simply not going to be accepted by the Palestinians.

An end to the War against the Jews would also mean that the Palestinians essentially would have little else to hold them together and would fragment into warring clans and factions, a process that's already started. It would be the end of Fatah as well, as Hamas would soon take over the Palestinian occupied areas of Judea and Samaria (AKA the West Bank).

And finally, it would probably be the end of Abbas, personally. No Arab leader who ever made peace with Israel has survived for very long except King Hussein of Jordan, and that's only because he died soon afterwards - after a couple of near misses.

Mahmoud Abbas isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, but he understands that much.

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