Sunday, September 19, 2010

NY Democrat Congressman Aided Jihadi In Avoiding “Unwarranted Scrutiny”

One of the biggest problems we have in America comes from public officials aiding and abetting jihad in our own country. While Democrats on the Left are usually the worst offenders, my regular readers know that the rot is on both sides of the aisle.

The New York Post revealed today how Rep. Gregory Meeks of Queens NY used his influence to try to shield from a so-called Muslim scholar from what Meeks called "unwarranted scrutiny" whose charity organizations have been indicted for financing terrorism.

Meeks, a Queens Democrat contacted federal agencies and finally went directly to then-Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff to complain about the inquiries and scrutiny Anwar Hajjaj faced when he returned to the United States from trips abroad through JFK Airport.

Hajjaj was more than just a casual traveler. He headed the Taibah International Aid Association, a charity that has been linked to funding al -Qaeda. The group was co-founded by Abdullah A. bin Laden, Osama bin Laden's nephew, who has been directly linked to groups that funding al-Qaeda and Hamas.

Hajjaj is also director of another nonprofit, the World Assembly of Muslim Youth International, or WAMY. It was also founded by Abdullah A. bin Laden and has been linked to funding Islamist terrorism.

Steven Emerson, executive director of the Investigative Project on Terrorism, said WAMY has been a financial and ideological supporter of Islamic terrorist organizations. A WAMY publication lists people who have attacked Israeli civilians interrorist operations as "heroes of Palestine" and referred to Jews as "humanity's enemies," according to a 2003 affidavit by a customs special agent. Both organizations were also named as defendants in several ongoing civil lawsuits filed on behalf of families of 9/11 victims.

In fact, just last week US District Court Judge George Daniels refused to dismiss WAMY as a defendant in one of the lawsuits, saying the allegations against the group are "sufficient to demonstrate that they are knowingly and intentionally providing material support to al Qaeda."

And Meeks connection with Hajjaj? Hajjaj was a close friend of Jameel Aalim-Johnson, Meeks' chief of staff from 2006 to early 2008.

Jameel Aalim-Johnson is himself an interesting fellow. An America black who converted to Islam, he is the founder of the Congressional Muslim Staff Members of America (CMSA) and has a history of being heavily involved in bringing Islamist and terrorist-linked individuals to speak on Capitol Hill...a number of whom became very friendly with Rep. Meeks.

Meeks, of course is no stranger to the misuse of tax-exempt charities himself, and is still being investigated over groups he set up that were supposedly raising funds to aid victims of Hurricane Katrina,but ended up merely collecting money and paying virtually nothing to Katrina victims.

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Anonymous said...

Typical tea bagger blog, you can't stand that we have a Black man as president so you trash other Black congressmen to get back at him.