Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Sarah Palin's Rosh Hashana Message

In a welcome contrast to Prez Obama's, here is Sarah Palin's message to the Jewish people..oh, and notice her lapel:

As Jewish families gather to celebrate the New Year and a new beginning marking the Day of Creation, I want to join them in praying for a good and sweet year ahead. This day marks the beginning of a period of reflection and repentance. It is a time to remember our responsibilities to our families, our communities, our country, and our world.

This is also a time to remember who we are as Americans and our responsibilities to help our friends and allies as they seek peace and security. The people of Israel have overcome so many challenges, taken so many risks, and made so many sacrifices in the pursuit of peace and a better life for their children. This New Year begins with a new hope for peace, but the threats to Israel – and to us – have not gone away.

These are challenging times as Iran continues to work on building a nuclear weapon, Hamas attacks innocents on the eve of peace talks, enemies refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist, and even in Europe and the United States we hear voices from those trying to delegitimize Israel.

To our Jewish friends and neighbors on this Rosh Hashanah, may you be inscribed in the Book of Life. And for our friends in Israel, know that the American people will continue to stand with you in this New Year as you strive for peace and security.

Shanah tovah u'metukah.

- Sarah Palin

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Independent Patriot said...

Sarah is and has always been a class act. Something her looney left detractors could not even hope to emulate on even their best days.

And any Jew that continues to support BHO probably thinks Soros is a swell guy..

Shanah Tova...

Freedom Fighter said...

Todah...L'Shana Tovah.

louielouie said...

.... and the collective jooish reply to ms. palin .......... we wouldn't vote for you if our lives depended on it, and they do.
the dimocratic party owns us, and we'll vote for any liberal who tells us to.

Freedom Fighter said...

I dunno Louie..while that's still kinda true, it's less true than it used to be.

Conservatives and Religious people are the ones having the kids, while Lefties abort them or maybe have one.

That trend's been going on a long time now,and it has extended to American Joos...although not Israelis, who have one of the highest per capita fertility rates in the Western world.

A NYT Lefty writer named Samuel Friedman wrote a book on American Joos not too long ago lamenting that very fact.