Tuesday, September 14, 2010

'Thou Shalt Appease Islam' - NJ Qu'ran Burner Fired From His Job

Derek Fenton burned some pages from the Qu'ran at the Ground Zero Mosque protest and was quickly fired from his job with New Jersey Transit, where he'd worked for 11 years.

For those of you who know anything about civil service, the dismissal of an employee in a matter of two days without due process is absolutely unheard of. He apparently did not even receive a Skelly hearing, which is legally mandated.

Even more interesting is the tone of the article, which refers to Fenton as a 'radical' who performed 'a hate-filled display'...in what purports to be a straight news piece.

I wonder if the reporter, Pete O'Donohue would have referred to Pakistanis burning the American flag as radicals involved in a 'hate-filled display'?

The article also shows a clearly identifiable picture of Fenton, thus exposing him to reprisals from adherents of the Religion of Peace.

The ethics of Qu'ran burning aside, the reporter who wrote this has a job because of the First Amendment. It's a shame he apparently never learned to respect it.

That's what we've come to now.

UPDATE: Guess what? Either O'Donohue (or his editor) realized that they'd been busted for outrageous media bias. Within an hour after I saw this on Drudge, they scrubbed the story totally, eliminating any referenced to 'radical or 'hate-filled act'..and they deleted the comments onthe story that referred to those pungent phrases.

Nice going, Dino media...down the memeory hole. Next time I'll get a screen capture.

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