Thursday, August 03, 2006

Appellate Ruling; DeLay Stays!!

The 5th Circuit Federal appeals court panel on Thursday ruled that Tom DeLay's name must stay on the November congressional ballot.

A three-judge panel of the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals upheld a ruling by U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, who said in July that DeLay name had to stay on the ballot even though he resigned from Congress and moved to Virginia.

DeLay won a March primary before resigning from Congress on June 9.

Republicans originally wanted to pick another nominee to face Democrat Nick Lampson in November. Democrats sued to keep DeLay on the ballot. Keeping him on the ballot gives them the opportunity to make the indicted former House majority leader a symbol for the `culture of corruption' schtick. Two of the judges on the panel, by the way, are Democrats.

Thursday's ruling said that GOP state chairwoman Tina Benkiser acted unconstitutionally when she tried to remove DeLay as the party nominee because he lived in Virginia. DeLay's wife, Christine, still lives in the DeLays' house in Sugar Land, just outside Houston.

I think that the Democrats just shot themselves in the foot, more than they can imagine. This is one sleeping dog theyshould have left alone.

By November, the trumped up charges against DeLay should be dismissed and sidcredited, and as I reported earlier here, now that the appeals court ruling is in, look for him to campaign aggressively.

DeLay is a decent, principled man who was one of the most effective legislators of all time, and a strong voice in the War against Jihad. Targeted in a vicious abuse of the judicial system by a blatantly partisan, jury shopping hack allied with the Main Stream Media, DeLay chose not to sit for re-election after it was made clear to him that the Bush Administration wanted him to resign `for the good of the party' DeLay took a bullet.

Ironically, the Bush Administration was a lot more damaged by the absence of his strong hand than it ever would have been by his continued presence in Congress.

My money's on the Hammer to win....vengeance can be soooo sweet!

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Freedom Fighter said...

Now, tell me how you really feel about this guy Greg Abbott!

I don't know (or care) about the vageries of loacal politics,but here's my take on this:

I realize you hate Tom DeLay and Republicans, which is fine by're entitled. But this is tin hat stuff.

DeLay resigned in good faith, under pressure by the Bush Administration.

The DEMOCRATS (not DeLay or the GOP) sued to keep him on the ballot, in an obvious attempt to milk what they thought would be a major propaganda win.

Delay will be acquitted, a vidication of the American system and of a worthy public servant.

He will win re-election. And go to Washington with a vengeance.

Deal with that.