Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Lieberman loses to Lamont and will run as an independent

Like I predicted, Lieberman lost the primary to empty suit Ned Lamont.But it was close enough that he immediately went out and filed to run as an independent. The polls showed him losing by 6-10 points, which would have been too much for him to recover from. The 2 1/2 points he lost by make Lieberman a viable independent candidate.

In spite of the spin, this is horrible news for the democratic party and will be a factor in their continuing meltdown. This will have exactly the opposite effect the Angry Left is hoping for.

Today's ABC news headline says `Democrats abandon Lieberman, back Lamont'...although that headline could have mostly been run before the primary and been mostly accurate.

I predicted yesterday that a Lamont win would only increase the lockhold the Angry Left has on the Democratic Party, forcing the party as a whole even further to the Left and reinforcing the party's image as being soft on security and defence. I was right. Democratic kingpins like Ted Kennedy, Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are falling all over themselves to back Lamont and reinforce their far Left, isolationist appeasement at any price credentials to MoveOn and the Daily Kossaks.

They are interpeting this as a sign that the tide is flowing that way, and like rats jumping aboard ship they are latching on to what they think is a winning platform.

And any prospective Democratic nominee in `08 will have to dance to that particular tune or forget about being nominated.

This may come back to haunt them as the War Against Jihad ramps up, as it most definitely will.

If Lamont ends up being elected,it won't take him long to embarras himself and the people that backed him. And if Lieberman runs and wins as an independent, he'll be returning to Washington with something of an attitude towards the people and the party that essentially shafted him.


Anonymous said...

and i thought m/e politics was/is confusing...........
for starters i haven't heard nary a peep out ot the republikrats candidate, alan schelsinger(sp), or for this discussion, whatshisname.
i would have thought they would have been glad that joe got beat in the primary. maybe they know that joe will take so many votes from them they can't get excited about a three-way.
as for the angry left, they are gaining in numbers. this is indicated by the closeness of so many races this year. like it or not the USA is very close to the nanny/welfare state that teddy & john K. wants so despartely the USA to become. the lines are blurring in the republikrat ranks. they are being redrawn from alignment of dem/rep to the outright description of liberal/conservative. the problem the conservatives have is their only hope is the republikrats who have shown their stripes. this 2006 election will be nothing but a political mess. sort of like the israel cabinet/idf command structure but on steroids. the angry left may be moving farther left, but imo they are taking a lot of people with them. this assesment comes from a person who is getting more conservative by the day. i have resigned myself to the fact that i will never see a president elected that i will/can support. senator coburn from my home state was not embraced by the republikrat party because he is a true conservative. he is not a republikrat.
i thought that 2004 was the last election that would see two major parties. it looks as though there is still going to be two major parties with the number of disaffected, not dis-interested, increasing.
as for the angry left embarassing itself. who you kidding?

Rosey said...

I agree with FF 100%. Lieberman got thrown under the bus. If he wins independent, watch out. But eihter way he'll get enough votes to phuck the dems. But I do think this will backfire and the dems will implode. I hope so anyway. If we get a looney lefty in the white house next go around, I may have to move overseas...

Anonymous said...

I agree with FF 100%. Lieberman got thrown under the bus says it best. If he wins independent, watch out.

I often wonder how these individuals, (who treated a loyal Party man and a loyal American, who faithfully served all Americans regardless of their own party,) shave in the morning. It is apparent they have neither a soul to loose or body to kick. They surely would not have an image to look at in the mirror to shave.