Wednesday, August 16, 2006

It ain't OK in the UK - Muslims now demanding sharia

You might think that after 24 British Islamic radicals were arrested for trying to blow up airliners with liquid explosives, the Muslim community of Britain would respond by issuing statements of condemnation of radical Islam and support and loyalty for their home country and its values.

Huh-uh. No-ooo way. These people want to use the threat of terrorism as blackmail.

First, the mainstream leaders of the Religion of Peace send a blatantly insulting open letter to the Prime Minister,saying that the British brought terrorist attacks on themselves and in essence threatening more and deadlier terrorism if British government policies don't meet with the approval of the Muslim ummah.

And now, on top of that bit of nastiness, the same mainstream British Muslim organizations are demanding special holidays and sharia law.

In a conference with Communities Secretary Ruth Kelly set up in response to last week's airline bomb plot discovery, Muslim leaders summoned to talks with the Government on tackling extremism in their midst had a little different agenda - public holidays to mark their religious festivals and the introduction of Sharia law.

No joke.

Dr Syed Aziz Pasha, secretary general of the Union of Muslim Organisations of the UK and Ireland, said: 'We told her if you give us religious rights, we will be in a better position to convince young people that they are being treated equally along with other citizens'.

Translation: Give us what we want or face more terrorism, dhimmi.

Kharshid Ahmed, chairman of the British Muslim Forum, said: 'We believe that the threat is still external - it is people coming from outside and leading the radicalization.

'We need to deal with that before people inside our communities are leading the radicalisation.'

Guess what Kharshid? All of the 7/7 bombers and most of the people involved in this latest plot were native born British Muslims.

You think that little fact isn't known?

Whom do you think you're kidding?

Secretary Kelly described the meeting as containing a number of what she called 'sharp exchanges', but agreed to look at the proposals, though her spokesman insisted later that she did not favour any legal change which would give special treatment for the Muslim community.

We'll see...but this doesn't bode well for any kind of assimilation or immigration. But then, I could have told the Brits that. Most of these people's loyalty is not to Britain, but the Muslim umma and sharia...just like it says in the Qu'ran. According to the recent poll by the Pew Trust, 80% of British Muslims consider themselves Muslims first rather than British.

Lesson learned I hope, cousins. Now take some action.


Joe Gringo said...

The original World War keeps getting more and more complex, there's no giving in or negotiating with these crazies.

If the regimes in Iran and Syria aren't overthrown, how lomg will it be before the first nuke is dropped?

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar;
I have nothing against holidays, BUT:

Kwanza is not an official holiday..and if you google it you will find out that it was essentially made up by Rod Karenga, a convicted felon turned leftist college professor.

Same with Yom Kippor. It is not a legal holiday, though many people take it off.

The mail runs, the banks stay open .

Even here on the Left Coast, anybody working for government who wants to take those particular days off needs to use vacation time to do it.

Why should Muslims get special consideration? If they want to celebrate the Eid, nothing stops them.

Keep in mind that this `recognition' in their case has a politicalmotivation rather than just wanting toinnocently celebrate a holiday..and will lead to more demands.

That's why the BritishMuslims chose to link the demand for recognition of holidays with sharia.

With Islam, you ALWAYS have to look at the big picture.

Freedom Fighter said...

Really? You must work somewhere special.

Not to nitpick but:

I don't know of any Jews that take the eight days of Hanukah off, unless they use vacation time..and it is likewise not an official government holiday, with schools banks and post offices closed..December 25th is pretty much it!