Saturday, August 12, 2006

Two ways the West can end `terrorism'

Get a clue... it's the jihad, baby!

Lately, I've heard a lot on how `terrorism' is a fact of life, we simply have to deal with it, this is a long struggle, blah blah blah.

I'm going to use Occam's Razor on this concept, one of my favorite philosophical tools named after the 14th-century English logician and Franciscan friar William of Ockham.

The core of Occam's Razor states:`entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem',which translates as `things should not be multiplied beyond necessity.'

Or in other words, the simplest and most direct solution or explanation to a given problem is usually the best.

Let's use the ol' Razor to provide anyone interested with two simple and surefire ways to end `terrorism'.

Both ways acknowledge a simple fact: that the`terrorism'people speak so disparingly of has no context in and of itself, but is simply a tactic used in jihad, the 1500 year old war of Islam against the non-Muslim world.

Yes, yes, I know...the Tamil Tigers and the IRA aren't Muslims..but neither do they pose a major threat to western civilization.Nor are they a significant part of the issue. Mothers aren't getting grief about taking baby milk on board airplanes because of the Tamil Tigers.

In 632CE, right before his death, Mohammed told his followers to fight the unbelievers until they either died, became Muslims or `felt themselves subdued' and paid jirzya (monetary tribute) to the Muslims willingly.Many of his followers spent have spent the next 1500 years trying to carry out his wishes and subdue dar-Harb, literally `the place of war'.

We live in dar-Harb. Always have, whether we knew it or not.

If we want to eliminate terrorism, here's one quick fix, alluded to by both Osama bin-Laden and Iran's President Ahamdinejad in his letter to President Bush. All we have to do is all become Muslims, toe the Qu'rannic line, submit to Islamic rule and eliminate pesky things like freedom and choice..but hey, if you have sharia and Islam, who needs anything else?

That would end the `terrorism' along with a lot of other things virtually overnight.

If that lacks appeal, there is another way to end this.

If we want to end terrorism, all that's necessary is for us to:

  • Start taking the war on jihad seriously, especially on the home front, and quit kidding ourselves about the nature of the enemy we face

  • Use existing laws (with a few tweaks) to deal decisively with the jihadi fifth column here at home, including the extensive monitoring of mosques and madrassahs. That includes ending the foreign funding for such religious entities or for politically jihadi `civil rights groups' like CAIR.

  • Provide peace loving, loyal Muslims with the tools and the framework to prove their loyalty to this country and show their non-Muslim fellow citizens which side of this war they're on.

  • Win a decisive military victory over jihad's sources of support overseas by all necessary means and send a clear message by our actions to those concerned that attacking the West has a horrendous and unsustainable cost.

Oh, I almost forgot...unless we decide to opt for choice one, we will eventually have to opt for choice #2 in any case. There's no `dialogue' to be held or concessions that can be made short of submission to Islam that mean anything or will stave off having to make one or the other of these choices.

Let me know when I can pick up my Nobel Prize.


Anonymous said...

ff said:
All we have to do is all become Muslims, toe the Qu'rannic line, submit to Islamic rule

the sarcasm is noted.
however, you left out the sectarian violence that is part of the arabic/persian/semitic culture and justified by the islamic culture for the last 1500 years. the status or our society would simply be called nihilism.

Rosey said...

You cannot pick up your Nobel Peace Prize. You must be a terrorist to get one. Or a wimp or a total loser. Pulitzer? Left-wing liberal journalist. J.D. Powers & Associates? Buy it directly from them and have really bad customer service or a lousy product.

Rosey said...

Therefore, these prizes are given to those who most exemplifiy the opposite of what they claim to be rewarding. Welcome to the twilight zone...

Anonymous said...

What we need to use as a point of direction, information, encouragement and support at the beginning of each new day are not others options or our owns. It has long been accepted that all men have options and rectums. But it is not my hope to hear from any ones before I start my day in prayer and communication with my G_d. H_ is the only one that makes any sense anyhow.

What we have to use and depend on for GREAT advice, support, encouragement and truth is the Word of G_d. H_ has been defeating what the world would call greater forces with smaller forces since the beginning of H_s world as we know it today. Our mistake is forgetting H_m and what H_ requires to make things work. We are pray to H_m, call on H_m daily asking for direction, support, encouragement, protection, guidance and all the things we need make our hearts beat one more time.

The only time Israel lost and fell on its face was when it forgot what H_ has told us to do on every other page of the World of G_d. “With man these things are impossible but with G_d ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE”.

We want to start every battle, war, attack the night before on our knees. Forget what the UN has to say or anyone one else. You want to know and ask H_m what H_ thinks and wants us to do next to see another complete and total victory over the forces who would seek to destroy Israel and H_s chosen people.

H_ has promised to never leave us or forsake us, it is we who forget this promise and forget H_m until we are on our faces in defeat. Lets do this the right way this time.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Y'all,
Patty and the rst of you, NEVER despair. The West is waking up and we will be victorious, and preserve our freedoms like our forefathers di. The only question is how long it will take.

Benjamin, thanks for dropping by.
Osama bin Laden is a mere subcontracter, and while a Hellfire missile followed by a pigskin burial would be welcome, it has little to do with ultimately winning this war, IMO.

Nazar,there are a number of tools we could use to strenghthen loyal and peaceloving Muslims here in the US, as well as combatting the jihadis here at home. More details later.

Hi Rosy..wasn't really hoping for one..just a thought!

Friendly, you have a great deal of common sense IMO.I think modern Israel's troubles started in 1967, when they could have rebuilt the third Temple on the Temple Mount as it says in Isaiah..but the secular leftist government decided to forego that and leave the mosque there.

Anonymous said...

I am an American. If I could prove wrong some of the things you have said I would. When it comes to Americans, those with the money, power and control will sometimes volunteer others to do something about an issue. As long as they can stay clean and dry their selves.

It troubles me that during World War II many Americans left to join the British Forces, some to the Canadian. Before the war actually broke out a number of our fliers even fought for the Chinese. Prior this many went to Spain and became part of the Lincoln Brigade. But few Americans came to the aid of the Jews in Europe, until the final days of the final solution.

What America did for the Jewish population before the outbreak of war was to refuse a ship full of families’ sanctuary sending them back to Germany and and death.

There is a difference in Americans, just like in every other nationality, even the Israelites. Most of your valid true believing Christian Denominations support Israel. Our pastors preach, teach and encourage us to write, call and express our support to our elected officials for Israel. You know like Ted Kennedy whose sister in law never took her own money to the ice shop and often the FBI escorts would end up paying their bill. Or maybe call Senator John Glenn who stuck his printer for election posters with a lot of unpaid bills.

Jews have usually had only themselves to count on for help. Under Bush you have your best hope of help and support, but then he is working with around the Kennedy’s and other never worked, never sweated, never served anything but a drink to other politicians.

I wish I had more to offer you in the way of hope and help. But under Bush the for real Conservative Christians do pray and do ask G_d everyday for H_s protection, guidance and deliverance from these evil creatures. We believe Bush was an answer to our prayers of deliverance from a person like Clinton. We believe Bush knows that he must do all he can and is able for Israel and is directed by G_d to do so. But he too is working with and around idiots and unbelievers who believe only in themselves. I can promise you our church and our pastors do care, do pray and do ask G_d to do all H_ can for you, today and everyday. In the Old Testament that meant a great deal to those in Exile, I pray it means something to you today.

Isiah 62:1 "For Zions sake I will not keep silent, for Jerusalem's sake I will not remain quiet, til her righeouness shines out like the dawn, her salvation like a blazing torch."

bernie said...

There are no tools for moderate, peace-loving Muslims [if such a species exists] because to do so is to face a death fatwa. We will learn eventually that we must deport all Muslims, moderate or not, in order to insure our survival.

See my post Can Muslims be Good Americans? No. No. No.

I am not talking about Arabs, so please spare me the racist diatribes; I don't care what race they are, if they're Muslim they have to go. Not because moderate Muslims are dangerous but because they cannot stop their jihadist neighbors from attacking us and we cannot tell one from the other.

And this is not the same as Nazi anti-Semitism. Nazis said Jews were dangerous and had to be eliminated. That was a lie. Jews presented absolutely no danger to German society. On the other hand, Muslims are indeed dangerous and a threat to all of the western world.

This is not the time to hide behind notions of political correctness. Better to be a bigot and alive than polite and dead.

Your choice. But You can only pick one. Occam's razor.

Freedom Fighter said...

Bernie, I'm afraid I disagree.

Frankly, if it comes down to throwing somebody out of the country,I'd prefer to lose John Kerry, Dick Durbin, Medea Benjamin or the collective membership of the ACLU as opposed to Nonie Darwish, Mohammar Khalid or Colonel Omar Hakim, USMC (ret'd)all loyal Americans who love this country as much as I do, and all believing Muslims who chose the freedom of America precisely because of the lack of freedom in the Muslim world.

I'd particularly like to see you tell my friend Colonel Hakim to his face that he has to leave!

The problem, as many peace loving Muslims will tell you, is the pernicious Saudi and wahabi influence in America,who have used petro dollars to buy prominent ex-government figures by the bushel load, buy up the Islamic religious structure by taking over financing of the USA's mosques and madrassahs, export jihad to America virtually without limit and spend millions of dollars to finance pro jihad public relations in our universities.

If the USA means anything, it means that we are a country of laws and welcome people who are prepared to respect our laws and culture, and thus add to it.

I'm fully aware, without reading your article of the Qu'rannic arguments involved and of the loyalty of many Muslims to the Islam and the Muslim ummah rather than the US.

There are ways that we can constitutionally and legally address this, without becoming as bad as the people we oppose.

Watch this site over the next week or so.