Friday, August 18, 2006

President Bush talks about the court ruling on the NSA surveillance program

President Bush had a few things to say about the ridiculous ruling yesterday on the NSA terorist surveillance program.

"The judge's decision -- I strongly disagree with that decision," Bush said. "That is why I instructed the Justice Department to appeal immediately, and I believe our appeals will be upheld."

"Those who herald this decision simply do not understand the world in which we live," Bush said during a press conference. "You might remember, last week working with people in Great Britain we disrupted a plot. People were trying to come and kill.

"We must give those whose responsibility it is to protect the United States the tools necessary to protect this country in a time of war," Bush argued. "If al Qaeda is calling into the United States we want to know why they're calling."

Bush stressed his belief that using tools such as the National Security Agency surveillance program to combat terrorists is his duty as president.

"The American people expect us to protect them. That's why I put this program in place," he added. "We believe it's strongly constitutional."

The big controversy is over the 1979 FISA Act, passed by the Watergate era leftist Democratic dominated congress during the admionistration of one of America's worst presidents, Jimmy Carter.

As it is, the FISA Act is bad law that handicaps law enforcement, the CIA and the championed by the same people who were so gung ho over the flawed 9/11 commission, filled with Clintonistas like Jamie Gorelick that had a vested interest in hiding their own errors of judgement.

Here's the real deal...aside from the the fact that the FISA laws only address DOMESTIC surveillance (which this isn't) the courts are filled with tthe same sort of Clinton and Carter appointed activist judges like Judge Taylor who delay and stonewall requests at every turn. And White House advisors have complained that the process for preparing a FISA warrant application takes much longer than the 72 hours the law allows officials to conduct surveillance prior to applying for the retroactive permission.

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Anonymous said...

another way of stating your position is "these people" do not regard al-qaida as a threat.

now this is what i don't like about shrub.

from ff essay:
"Those who herald this decision simply do not understand the world in which we live," Bush said during a press conference.

jeebus cripes!!!!!!
would someone shut, the saudia arabian prince's lap dog, up!!!!!!
"these people" understand this world precisely, that is the only reason they sought this injunction/ruling.
look at who they are for crying out loud.
can you say dearbornistan??????
oh no, if you do that you might recognize the freeeeeking problem.
gawd, i just want to do an imitation of howard dean when the saudi arabian lap dog says things like this.