Friday, August 25, 2006

Iran's Holocaust cartoons contest

After the MoToons meltdown among Muslims, Iran's largest paper Hamshahri and the government of Iran decided to sponsor a `Holocaust cartoons' contest as an example of `free expression'(revenge against whom? the Joooos?) and took entries on a worldwide basis..after all, Jew hatred and holocaust denial are hardly confined to the Muslim world!

It's quite illuminating to compare the blatant hatred shown in these entries with what was expressed in the relatively inocuous MoToons..and to compare the reaction of Jews to that of Muslims:


Stefan Penev/Bulgaria

Igor Savenkov/Russia

Mohammadreza Doustmohammadi/Iran

Mohammadreza Doustmohammadi/Iran

Mohammad Ali Rajabi/Iran

Abolfazle Mohtarami/Iran

Firouzeh Mozafari/Iran


Rosey said...

okay, I'm an idiot, I don't get one of them...

Anonymous said...


Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Rosie,

#1 - A vicious Jew `clubbing' people with `the Holocaust' and justifying his violence.

#2 - A `Palestinian' chrushed by `Holocaust history'

#3 A stereotypical `yid' popping out of an American hat to `promote' the Holocaust,

#4 Another evil Joooo drowning `freedom of expression' fo rthose who deny the Holocaust while promoting the MoToons.

#5 An evil Jooo gagging and binding freedom of expression.

#6 Sharon, bound for hell saying that the real opposed to the fake Jewish one..lies waiting for him.

#7 An Evil Jooo covering up his crimes with a rug called `Holocaust'.

#8 An Evil Jooo with his ancestors ashes over the fireplace commitiing the REAL burning...of a Palestinian.

Hope this helps.

Rosey said...

Actually, it doesn't. I mean here I have the explanations spelled out for me and I don't get it. Oh well...

Anonymous said...

These drawings are a disgrace. Jews (NOT Jooos) WERE the victims of an evil dictator and WERE murdered in mass numbers - to claim otherwise is an insult to them. If you actually believe that the Holocaust is a conspiracy, look at the facts:
1) mass graves of dead Jews were found, photographed and seen by the entire world - explain that?!
2)'Mein Kampf' (writings of the madman Hitler) prove that he was out to get the Jews.
3)The huge amount of proof that Jews were murdered during the Holocaust include the death camps, eyewitness accounts to the killings and millions of missing and dead Jews.
When someone can explain that, then maybe this conspiracy theory will seem more credible.

Anonymous said...

These drawings are freedom of speech just like the Mohammad drawings were, although i think the Jews and others reacted in a more civilized way.

Freedom Fighter said...

Oh, I agree anonymous.

But that doesn't make them any less contemptible. And if we're being honest, I think you would concede that the MoToons are a lot less racist and a lot more directed at Islamist intolerance than these deliberately insulting pieces are.