Sunday, August 13, 2006

British Muslims make it official: `Terrorism? You stoopid dhimmis brought it on yourselves'

Britain has a doubt about it. Now it's official.

Today British Muslims released an open Letter to Prime Minister Tony Blair which put the blame for terrorist attacks on `British foreign policy' and criticized the British government for domestic legislation designed to reduce Islamic terrorism. In other words, if Britain doesn't behave and do exactly what the Jihadis want, they will be victimized by `justified' violence and Islamic terrorism.

The letter was signed by 3 Muslim MPs, 3 Muslim Peers and 38 Islamic `community groups' including like the the Muslim Council of Britain, the Muslim Association of Britain, the British Muslim Forum, and the Muslim Solidarity Committee.

In other words, a broad consensus of Muslims throughout Britain.

Ajmal Masroor, from the Islamic Society of Britain, which represents second-generation Muslims, thought that the letter was just fine and dandy.

"The letter itself is very well written and very reflective of the sentiment of Muslims," said Mr Masroor.

"Muslims are saying Islam and the Muslim communities did not give rise to extremism, and did not radicalise the young people."

Nah, it couldn't have been those peace loving Muslims...those stoopid dhimmis in Britain brought it on themselves, and the hatred that gets preached daily at Britain's mosques and madrassahs is simply `justifiable' anger.

Or maybe it was the Jooos.

Don't laugh....a staggering 45 per cent of British Muslims, according to a poll by Britain's Channel 4, believe that 9/11 was a conspiracy between the US and Israel!

Various polls also show that over 1/3 of Muslims polled in Britain want it to become an Islamic country under sharia law and 25% said the 7/7 bombings were `justified' ..for pretty much the same reasons given in this letter.

Some commentators in Britain have said that the problem is that these Muslim community leaders are deluding themselves - rather than face up to the fact that large numbers of supposedly assimilated Muslims have been radicalized inthe country's mosques and madrassahs and have no problems comitting jihad against the country that is sheltering them, these Muslim leaders would prefer to delude themselves that the whole thing is a Western plot, brought on by Britain's foreign and domestic policy.

I don't agree at all with that. I think people like Sadiq Khan and the Muslim Council of Britain know exactly what they're doing, and it's silly to be in denial about it. Even though they may practice a bit of taqiyah (falsehood directed at non-Muslims) directed at gullible Leftist and multiculturalists that all will be well if we just give in to their demands and watch ourselves, the message is pretty clear.

I agree with Khalid Mahmood, the Muslim MP for Perry Barr in Birmingham who refused to sign the letter and accused those behind it of `grandstanding'."It is just an attempt to raise their own individual profiles so they can ... appease some of the more radical elements of Islam."

Exactly. They have decided to support the jihadis and Islamic terrorists..not that this is any news to anyone who has been following events in Britain for the past few years.

This is the second time in recent months that Muslim leaders have threatened Britain with violence for not being sufficiently dhimmi-like and for attempting to fight Islamic terrorism domestically.

Many British politicians appear shocked at these sentiments...I can't imagine why. It's time they woke up and took a good look at the viper's nest they've nurtured in Britain for all these years.

These people are not loyal British subjects...their loyalty is to the Muslim ummah.

Home Secretary John Reid said he would not question the motives of those who signed the letter (!!), but said it was a "dreadful misjudgement if they believe that the foreign policy of this country should be shaped in part or in whole under the threat of terrorist activity".

Reid told the BBC: "No government worth its salt would stay in power in my view, and no government worth its salt, would be supported by the British people if our foreign policy or any other aspect of policy was being dictated by terrorists.

That is not the British way, it is antithetical to our very central values. We decide things in this country by democracy, not under the threat of terrorism."

Echoing this stance, former Tory leader Michael Howard said the letter had given "ammunition" to extremists.

He said: "It is, I think, completely misconceived to suggest that we should change our foreign policy because it might cause some people to take up arms against us.

"That's a form of blackmail and I think that letter was completely misconceived."


lilfeathers2000 said...

To change on jot or tiiddle is to give a victory.kzbpkz

Anonymous said...

A dozen years ago our church bulletin reported 500 churches had closed in England. In replacement of these empty English churches 800 Muslim worship centers and Mosques had opened. England’s populace was giving up its’ soul for a new religion that offered what they had lost in the Christian churches. Their churches had lost their vision and lost sight of HE who was the founder and foundation of their faith. Now the blind are leading the blind. I picture the movie the concerning the ship that overturned. One of the ships staff passes the heroes, this person is leading other survivors into the ship and to their deaths. These poor fools are being lead in the wrong direction and to their eternal deaths.

Now England and many other former Christian colonies wherever they might be, have been lost to a false religion that offers them a future in hell. The only bright light in their future are the flames in hell unless they change their ways. It is going to be a Holy War at a scale unknown before. True Christians who have made Christ the center of their faith and Jews who look for H_m to return or come for the first time to H_ home in Israel will stand together against these poor misguided mislead infidels of a faith that holds nothing in the long run but death and eternal damnation in hell with theirs truly, satan. I just pray they are able to find those who lead them astray and everyday they live in suffering remind those leaders who lead them there.

Forgiveness is a principal and practice found in both the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible, we all should pray for friends and foes alike to come to their senses and embrace the only faith recognized by the True, One and Only G_d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob

Anonymous said...

My friend did you ever kill someone? I did.

The Bible is the choice I have made, and I don’t believe I have told you what choice you should make. I have not laughed at your choice that I know of. The Bible I knows speaks of turning the other check, to do on to others as you would have it done on to you. Love your enemies and pray for those who bring harm to you.

I have found no place in the Bible that I have chosen for my life instructing me to blow up innocent subway travelers, or fly a jet into office buildings, kidnap and slowly cut the heads of women and men off who disagree with me or my words.

I have made a choice; it was the right choice for me. My friend did you ever kill someone? I did. It was an accident, I did not run a way and laugh and jump for joy over it, I cried for the mans family. I am not sure I have seen a Muslim extremist cry for a victim of a beheading. I stood up for my part of the accident; I gave my own blood to save the man, who died. My wife joined me in giving blood. We were of different religions, but that didn’t matter to us or his widow. We visited his widow, children and grandchildren and attended his funeral and his burial. Taking a human life is not an easy thing or one I would take lightly. My Bible doesn’t instruct me to do so and I thank my G_d it doesn’t. The accident happened at night the man slid over my cars hood and his head came through my window shield. There is hardly a night I drive that picture doesn’t come back to me and this was an accident. No I don’t believe I would be able to follow a religion that instructed me to cut heads off, blow the legs and arms off women and children. One life is all I can take for now, unless the Lord I believe in and who leads my life now would call me to Israel to fight for his own, but that will have to come from Him, not some beaded pride filled airbag of bull dun.
So there it is my choice, I will live with it or I will live with it, no any other choice offers that option. They will have you die with it and die with it.

Doe said...

How come you’re called "freedom fighter" ? Do u fight for freedom? Or rather fight people’s freedom?.. a teeny-weeny tip:
try not to believe half of what you hear about Moslems; one can never know and those terrorists we here about everywhere are just mutant Moslems that serve politics and not any God!


Freedom Fighter said...

You're partly right and partly wrong, Doe.

For one thing, I didn't need to `hear about Muslims'. I know a number of them, and many of them feel exactly the same way about the jihadi mentality and the problems with Islam as I do. And unlike many people, I've actually experienced the fallout of jihadi mentality up close and know what it sounds like, looks like and smells like..and that choice of words is deliberate.

As for your take on `mutant Moslems that serve politics and not any God', guess what..there are a lot of them, they are mainstream,they don't agree with you in the least, and there's plenty in the Qu'ran and the Hadiths to back them up, as we both know very well.

Here's a tip for you in return: people with your atitude who sail along blithely pretending nothing's wrong are the biggest danger not only to peace loving Muslims but to the rest of us.

It's called denial and it ain't pretty.

I recommend you hit my blogroll and go to some of the sites maintained by peace loving Muslims like Irshad maji who are just a s concerned about the problems with Islam as I am.

Thanks for dropping by.