Sunday, August 13, 2006

Donations to Israel from UK defaced with swastikas

Since the UN is picking up the tab for humanitarian aid to Lebanon while basically ignoring any aid to Israel, Jews and non-Jews who support Israel have been sending donations to try and help with the massive devastation and homelessness in the northern third of the country.

In Britain, there's been a leeetle problem...a number of checks sent to Jewish and Israeli charities were apparently opened at the post office and defaced with swastikas marked on them.

This was discovered when David Pearl,a senior partner of Pearl and Co Solicitors in Hendon tried to mail a check for 50 Pounds to a charity called Ezra and Chessed in Jerusalem, which helps disabled children.

Last week the charity returned his donation, explaining they couldn’t accept it in its current state – both the covering letter and the check had been defaced with swastikas scrawled all over them, rendering the check unredeemmable and uncashable.

According to Ezra and Chessed, the check from Pearl and Co solicitors was just one of a number of donations from the UK they had received in recent weeks that had been defaced with swastikas in that way. A number of them passed through the same British post office in Hendon.

Mark Gardner of the Community Security Trust said: "This is not the first incident in which mail has been vandalized in an anti-semitic nature. Hate crime is illegal and The Royal Mail should be giving this incident a thorough investigation."

Lord Janner, Chairman of the Holocaust Education Trust, added: "The situation should be investigated immediately. It is illegal and immoral to tamper with post and the sooner the person behind it is sacked the better."

The Royal Mail (Britain's postal service) is apparently opening an investigation.

The War Against the Jews continues on a number of unexpected fronts.


Anonymous said...

In the United States that would be a federal crime punishable by prison time. There is NO excuse for this kind of thing. Only someone working in the system could do this kind of thing.

What this illustrates is these bugs have infested every level of the system.

How long until one of the security personnel who screens passengers is replaced by one of these criminals. One such person would be able to allow just one person on one plane and that would be the end of another passenger airliner.

Anonymous said...

Scary to think that some psychotic Jew-hating freak probably all the names and addresses from those checks now.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Friendly, Watcher,
Thanks for dropping by.

Friendly, I imagine that Britain's Royal Mail is similar to our USPS inthat it is a vast beauracracy. Not only will they likely not find the culprit, but they probably don't WANT to, because of the possible labor troubles.

Watcher, Nice to see you slummin' around here! Unfortunately, you're right...I'm sure the jihadis have a LOT of info on infidels they consider troublesome.

Anonymous said...

We are in a Pro Life group for years. I was doing some telephone calling to registered members. A lady misunderstood me. She was a Pro Abortion individual who admitted to me she put her name on the Pro Life listing to get information for her Pro Abortion group. Of course they took her off the listing after I reported her, but you can believe these Muslim groups are trying to get into our security staffs to pass their cohorts through the inspection processes.



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