Sunday, August 06, 2006

Qana - the Director's cut..and Reuters get outed for fake photos

EU Referendum shows off new pictures and `outtakes' from the Hezbo-Wood set at Qana.It resembles nothing so much as the `special features' part of a DVD.

Warning: the images again feature graphic images of dead children being used as prop dummies for a Hezbo-wood production.

As a contrast,notice, in the photo below in my article on the attacks on Haifa today of an Israeli civilian being rescued from a building collapse that his face was deliberately obscured by pixlelation to preserve his dignity and privacy.

The kind of people that would exploit the bodies of dead children to benefit their evil agenda barely qualify as human, as far as I'm concerned.

In another blatant example of bias in favor of Islamic fascism, al-Reuters today admitted that their photographer, Adnan Hajj deliberately enhanced photos of the Lebanon war using photoshop. Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has the story and was instrumental in helping break this.

There are a number of people now working in the Main Stream Media who are going to have to decide, sooner or later, where their loyalties lie and whether they can continue to crap on any semblence of professional ethics to serve a political agenda.

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