Sunday, August 13, 2006

On the home front - a few pictures from yesterday's "Stop the U.S.-Israeli War" rally in San Francisco

A few pictures of the Progressive left and their jihadi allies in action in my old home town. Courtesy of zombie.

Hezbollah flags..I wonder if the idiots carrying them know or care how many Americans Hezbollah has murdered?

Hamas flag flying near City Hall. Ditto.

Yep...blame it on the Jooooos...

According to Zombie, most of the guards and security at the rally were Muslims in full regalia...the first time he'd seen that.


Rosey said...

Good thing they have police protection. I'm ready to fly out there and machine gun down these Jew hating idiots.

linearthinker said...

A lot of talk about the tipping point attacks needed to waken the dhimmis recently (see tigerhawk and Gates of Vienna). Is it too much to hope that that assault includes Bhagdad-by-the-Bay? Never thought I'd be saying such, but, there you are.

Anonymous said...

use the link in ff scroll bar to go to mark steyn's new article.

islam and the pan-state.

Anonymous said...

iba news interviewed Effie Eitam today. he didn't sound very happy with the olmert gov't.
contrast that with david grossman, who stated 48 hrs before his son was killed, that israel has exhausted its' right to self defense.

Anonymous said...



A very reliable source reports that calls to the White House are running 2 to 1 against President Bush's strong support for Israel.

Where we would be without the unwavering support of George Bush? He gets it!!!

Please call the White House immediately at

(202) 456-1111

and thank the President for standing by Israel, in this her hour of need. He has been a voice of moral clarity in the wilderness. Without him, Israel would be totally isolated in the community of nations.

After you call, please forward this message to ALL of your friends and family