Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Watcher's council nominations, 8/30/06

Every week, the Watcher's Council nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations can be found at our fearless leader's site Watcher of Weasels

Some great stuff this week:

1.J O S H U A P U N D I T: Meanwhile, in Darfur.... Anybody remember Darfur? With all the hysterical bleating by the Muslim world and their apologists about `Islamophobia', you ever here `em say squat about the Muslim genocide in the Sudan? Just like with Iran, we are playing silly games in the UN that will NEVER yield any rsults as long as the Islamist govenment inthe Sudan has oil to sell. I amke the point that rather than doing this, we should be dropping arms to the Black Christians in Darfur so they can defend themselves against certain genocide.

It's high time we started helping the anti-Jihad forces inplaces like East Africa and Kurdistan instead of giving millions in aid to people that hate us in the hope of `influencing hearts and minds' any reasonable person expects that to trump tribalism and jihad! OK , rant over.

2. Gates of Vienna: Empire and Apocalypse More detail on last week's post on the idea of the nation/state being a western concept and thus foreign to Islam, where the loyalties are tribal and to the Muslim umma. And more on why the Europeans don't get it and are in danger of having some of their countries subjected to the `Peace of Islam.'

I did disagree with this one part: "They demand a Shari’ah existence in a democratic environment; it’s never going to happen. Nor will their demands for unequal treatment meet with eventual success..... In the long run, however, Islam’s run-in with modernity will mean the end of the current fantasy that fanatical Islam rehearses repeatedly."

They are not demanding a seperate sharia existence in a `democratic environment'IMO, Dymphna..whatthey want is a sharia existence for ALL of us, willing or no. And I wouldn't count myself on the fantasies Islam nourishes itself on disappearing with modernity..the jihadis are willing to use the TOOLS of modernity to establish the New Caliphate, but not its mindset or essence.

Killah piece.

3.Done With Mirrors: Read it and weep Callimachus considers the press coverage of a certain Sneator McCain and how the MSM tries to have things both ways at once.

4. ShrinkWrapped: "Root Causes" and Other Nonsense That Shrinkwrapped is one sneaky lil' so and so. He starts out with a seemingly mundane story on changes British shoplifting laws to reflect the Leftist idea of `root causes' to eliminate the culpability of the thief...and then comes the zinger as he relates it to the typical Leftist cant of terrorism, AKA `you have to understand their rage..' A fine job by ShrinkWrapped.

5. AbbaGav - Say Anything Abbagav does a fine, angry job of taking apart the cynical methodology of the MSM in allowing themselves to be used by Islamic fascists. He's right, of course, especially when it comes to Israel..and here's an old joke to prove it, chaver..

6. Right Wing Nut House : SAVE THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE! Rick Moran doies a great job of explaining the electoral college and why it's important. Y'know, back in 2000 the Democrats wanted to eliminate itbecause gore won the popular vote. In 2004, back when they thought Kerry was going to pull some extra votes out of the Cleveland Democratic machine in Ohio, they were touting it's `traditional American value'. Now, anticipating 2008, it looks like they want to try and torpedo it again!

7. The Sundries Shack : Cutting the Biased Some Slack Jimmie Bise takes on someone who has consistently been one of the most wrongheaded and flat out mistaken columnists in America..the WAPO's David Ignatious. I still remember almost falling off my chair when this buffoon pontificated right before the G-8 conference in St. Petersburg on how Putin was going to help Bush with Iran! Here, he write about Ignatious kissing up to al Jazeera..sheesh!

8.Rhymes With Right: Valid Pedagogical Purpose – Poor Pedagogical Methodology Greg presents a fine examination of the story of that middle school teacher’s use of flag burning as an illustration in a Constitution class.

9. The Glittering Eye: Fearmongering? Or oversight? Dave parses the House Intelligence Committee's report on the strategic threat posed by Iran.

10. Soccer Dad: Targeted killings, moral consideration An interesting piece by Soccer Dad on the moral implications of so-called `targeted killings'.
Personally, while I think it's important to avoid civilian casualties, these people are murderers who surround themselves with civilians and I think it's better to get the job done quickly. As AbbaGav points out, Israel is never going to get a fair shake in the MSM anyway, no matter what..I mean, after the murderous Sheik Yassin was finally incinerated, the MSM STILL referred to him as Hamas' `spiritual leader'. Given a choice between the opinion of the international community and the biblical injunctions about Amalek and rising up early to slay one who comes to slay you, I think the Torah has the right slant on this and makes more sense when it comes to people like that. Call me a primitive, I know...

11.Pluto struck down as unconstitutional : Socratic Rhythm Method Matt writes about the demotion of Pluto to a secondary status and uses a piece by Mark Graber as a take off point.

12.The Education Wonks: Flag Flapped In Colorado More flag stuff from EdWonk! This time it's a teacher `reassigned' for displaying the UN, Chinese and Mexican flags on equal level and right next to Old Glory..which probably says something about his politics....I say fire his posterior.

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