Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Mini jihad in San Francisco?

The MSM is bending over backwards to avoid mentioning it, but we may have had a mini-jihad attack committed in San Francisco.

Yesterday,a driver took his SUV and deliberately targeted pedestrians in San Francisco, injuring 15 people and killing one....and referred to himself as a `terrorist.'

Omeed Aziz Popal, 29, of Fremont, was taken into custody on suspicion of 14 counts of attempted murder and one count of willful flight after causing serious injury or death.

According to San Francisco police Sgt. Neville Gittens, "In some cases he drove on the sidewalk, in some cases he drove on the street. He aimed at people in the crosswalk...This happened pretty quickly. We're talking about a span of about 20 minutes."

Eventually, the San Francisco police finally boxed the SUV in with their cruisers in the city's Laurel Heights district...right in front of the Jewish Community Center (Laurel Heights, where most of the rampage occurred is a largely Jewish area of San Francisco).

Gittens said the suspect "made some comments" to officers as he was arrested, but he did not elaborate.

In this video, courtesy of lgf ,you can watch Watch as KTVU reporter Rob Roth says a witness heard the suspect refer to himself as a terrorist, and then editorializes and tells his audience, `this was not an act of terrorism.'

What's fascinating is that we continually have these incidents happening to the point where it's become commonplace,which all seem to involve members of the `Religion of Peace' committing violence against non-Muslims (usually Jews) and yet we're supposed to believe that it's always some whacked out loner without an axe to grind or a jihad ot wage..



Anonymous said...

i wonder if this popal guy is a fan of mel gibson?
just curious.

nazar said...

As of now, I can think of at least 3 terrorist attacks since 911, including this one. There was the Iranian guy who rammed his SUV into 9 people, there was the Arab guy who killed 1 and injured 5 at the convention center in Seattle, and now there is this idiot. Of course none of them were as spectacular as 911, and we are told that the perpetrators are not terrorists, despite the fact that they do what they do in the "name of Allah."

Bush and The republicans doing a good job of preventing terrorism? I think not, but what's our alternative? The touchy-feely Pelosi and Lamont types?

I'll take the Republicans, thank you very much.