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Watcher's Council nominations, 8/9/06

Every week, the Watcher's Council nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations can be found at our fearless leader's site Watcher of Weasels.

This week, we have something very special, the debut of Soccer Dad as a member of the Watcher's Council. I checked out his site and he is a worthy addition to the you will see below.

1.J O S H U A P U N D I T: The War Against the Jews and the war against us My entry this week makes a simple point that a number of people in the West still seem in denial over; that the War against the Jews has begun again in earnest, and that this is a signal that the next world war, the open jihad of radical Islam against the West has begun. or as several Islamist web sites put it `first the Saturday people, then the Sunday people'. Think about it.

2. Done With Mirrors: we could be heroes Callimachus uses Oliver Stone's new 9/11 movie to discuss the nature of heroism. Just as some people becomes victims of circumstance, others rise above them..and some people freeze in certsain circumstances while others seem to be able to operate almost on autopilot to do what's necessary. Good stuff from Callimachus, as always.

3.Gates of Vienna: Castro and Le Virgen de la Caridad del Cobre Dymphna talks about the patron saint of Cuba, and a legend that relates to the demise of Castro..Hope it's true!

4. ShrinkWrapped: Clans of the Alphane Moon Shrinkwrapped is one big tease. Just when you think he's just relating the story of some clinical schizophrenic nut case, he pulls a switcheroo and relates it to the schizoid behavior evidenced by the Arab world and their fellow travellers on the Angry Left. An excellent, excellent job, Doctor.

5. Government sucks at war, too : Socratic Rhythm Method Matt eaminbes the notion that the government doesn't exactly operate at full efficiency when conducting a war...and takes a look at why that is.

6. The Glittering Eye: Theseus’s Clew: strategies, meta-strategies, and “wicked problems”Loved the title. Dave Schuler provides an interesting examination of the nature of strategy and problem solving, especially for those `wicked problems' that seem to defy solution. I'm an Occam's guy myself on many of these things..the simplest, common sense solution many times is the best one.

7.The Education Wonks: Parental Activism: Retaking Their Kids' Summer Vacation Something lots of people can relate to this time of year! EdWonk talks about proposals in various states to extend or contract the official school year starting date.

8.Rhymes With Right:Ignoring a minor detail Greg discusses a local politician's daughter caught drinking and driving and makes a point on how some parents do their kids a disservice by refusing to recognize how serious this is.

9. Right Wing Nut House: HIROSHIMA: SAME TIME, NEXT YEAR Rick revisits the anniversary of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima..something that resonates in an interesting way given the international climate nowadays. And he examines some of the hysterical reaction that still comes from the Left on this.

10. The Sundries Shack: Let us hurry Castro on Jimmie Bise writes the second Council post on Castro this week, and it's a good one, based around Peggy Noonan's op-ed. Jimmie thginks that we should take this opportunity to forge a new Cuba/US relationship and thus hurry Castro and his government on to the just reward that awaits him. I agree.

11.AbbaGav - A Few Points That Are Not Morally Equivalent Last week's winner AbbaGav writes about the `moral equivalency' that detractors of Israel's right to self defence keep putting out. At this point, I think it qualifies as a mental disorder, this inability to recognize right and wrong. Good stuff here.

12. Soccer Dad: Edward Cody now and then Last but certainly not least, our newest member, Soccer Dad. Y'know, you have to be a special sort of inhumane monster clueless `liberal' to write human interest pieces on child murderers and PLO terrorists. And what's more, you have to be suicidal, considering how Muslim Fascists feel about non-believers...even useful fellow travelers like Edward Cody.

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