Monday, August 21, 2006

Iraq: Quit or commit

As some of you regular members of Joshua's Army know, one of the stellar bloggers at the Watcher's Council (and as a matter of fact, anywhere in the blogosphere) is Rick Moran over at Right Wing Nuthouse. I don't always agree with him 100%, but he is always well worth the detour, as the old Michelin guides used to put it. Here he comes up with an absolutely killah post on the state of Iraq and our involvement there.

I fully agree with it almost in it's entirety, and I urge you to read it here.

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nazar said...

"He's like them politicians in Washington that want to fight this war with one hand tied around their balls."

-Sgt. Barnes in the Vietnam-war classic film Platoon.

It looks like we're repeating the same mistakes we made in 'Nam-allowing neighboring countries aid the guerrillas. I always believed that if we brought back the draft and put a million guys in there (if my country asked me to fight, I would fight), we could secure Iraq in 6 months. However, that's clearly not going to happen.

I think at this point the best thing we can do with the resources we have is to turn Damascus into a crater. This will eliminate Syria as an enemy and hopefully sufficiently scare Iran into halting their aid for the guerrillas in Iraq.