Thursday, August 03, 2006

Death toll at Hezbo-wood's Qana set reduced from 57 to 28

And that was by the International Red Cross and the George Soros funded Human Rights Watch, both of whom are not exactly pro-Israel, to say the least.

Isn't it interesting how the death toll in attacks by jihadis against the West in places like Bali. London and Israel tends to rise once the shrapnel wounds take their toll...but `massacres' of Muslims in places like like Jenin and Qana always seem to lower, after the first spate of headlines?

Speaking of Qana (and idiots), The Washington Post printed an `analysis' by Hezbollah groupie Jefferson Morley, who came up with a cute screed called `The Qana Conspiracy theory'.

After starting out by crowing about Hezbollah's `growing support' - a self hating and absurd position for any American to take, considering how many Americans Hezbollah has murdered - he bases his `debunking' of the Hezbo-wood story on the following:, that a number of the civilians killed were from two extended families the Hashems and the Shalhoubs, who lived in the area and therefore could not have been `trucked in' by Hezbollah.

He then asks the following questions:

`Who killed the Hashems and Shalhoubs, if it wasn't an Israel bomb?

How did Hezbollah truck in bodies to the Qana site without the pervasive Israeli aerial surveillance catching it on film? '

And finally `What is it about the photos from Qana that made Israel's supporters prefer fantasy to fact?'

First of all, Morley has no proof that it WAS an Israeli bomb. The building collasped eight hours after being hit. Why were the civilians prevented from leaving, a natural reaction? Why no Hezbollah fighters or equipment found in the rubble? Were they removed and the building detonated by Hezbollah afterwards? Why were there no rescue operations mounted until the photographers arrived, after an early morning wakeup call by Hezbollah? Why was the roof intact if the building was hit by an air strike?

Why no mention of the grotesque use of the dead bodies of children for hours in various poses as Hezbo-wood props?

Why no mention of the warcrime of Hezbollah using civilians as human shields?

And finally..what is it about Jews defending themselves that makes Morley uncomfortable?

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