Thursday, August 10, 2006

Olmert loads the gun..and then blinks

After Israel's security cabinet voted for an all out offensive in Lebanon, the troops and armor necessary were called and and put in place...and then Olmert put it on hold for 48 hours last night ` to allow diplomacy to kick in'. (!?##!)

Since there's very little hope of any kind of a diplomatic breakthrough after Hassan Nasrallah and Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora rejected a multinational force in South Lebanon and France and the United States are still disagreeing on how to proceed on their joint draft for the UN ceasefire, I can't imagine why he's making the IDF wait.

On the positive side, the existing IDF forces are advancing to some degree as I write this, with attacks on Hezbollah positions near Majdal Zun and Shmaa around the port of Tyre in the west, in an attempt to encircle Tyre in order to cut down the rocket launchings aimed at Israel from the city and its environs.

The Israelis have also taken control of the strategic Christian town of Marjayoun, and Tzahal units have reached Tebnine, about 16 miles north of Bint Jubeil in an obvious attempt to encircle that area.

Another Israeli thrust has reached the areas around Taibe, 6 1/2 miles from the Litani River and Qantara, about 4 miles away from the river. I think they are looking to control the high ground around overlooking the Nabatea and Arnoun plains.

These IDF actions appear to be mainly aimed at encircling Hezbollah enclaves and securing strategic locations as jump off points fro the larger offensive...if Olmert ever lets that happen.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

olmert wants to think about it over the sabbath?
in the meantime 4-6 hundred little kates will come south.
northern israel has been in bomb shelters for how many days now?

Anonymous said...

Just a thought, the KKK lived in masks, these creatures always have masks on. It must be something that comes from living under a rock all your life.