Monday, August 07, 2006

Lebanese Prime Minister up for an Oscar

You gotta hand it to Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora. While his career as a politician might be in jeopardy, he has a wonderful career waiting as an actor.

Addressing the Arab League Conference in Beirut, his tear stricken performance of the monologue `Look what them Evil Jooos are doing to my poor country, and we did'n do nuthin' was enough to touch the most hardhearted Arab oil shiek or the most dimwitted motard jihadist.

He ab-so-lute-ly pleaded for a ceasefire, but spoiled the effect a bit by quickly adding language that repeated the Hezbollah line about how any UN-drafted plan would have to have a full Israeli withdrawal, the release of Lebanese terrrorists and child murderers from Israeli custody, yadda yadda.

I guess maybe he doesn't want one that much. Especially one that would involve disarming his pals in Hezbollah.

He also laid it on really thick, talking about a `massacre' that turned out to be somewhat - er- overstated, let's say.

"One hour ago there was a horrible massacre in the village of Hula, a deliberate massacre, in which there were more than 40 martyrs," Siniora told the Arab ministers.

He urged the ministers to support an immediate and unconditional ceasefire.

Only one problem. After the wire services, CNN, al Aribiya and al Jazeera rushed on the air and into print with this tidbit, it turned out only one Hezbollah fighter was killed by the strike, since Hezbollah mostly abandoned the missile lauchiung site after the Israelis leafletted it to warn the civilian population.

Whoopsie.Nice jihadi PR move though. They'll be talking about that one almost as much as Qana and Gaza Beach Blanket Bingo. Maybe Reuters and AP can doctor up some cute shots.

Of course, if Siniora really wanted peace in his country, he would never have let Hezbollah essentially become the Lebanese army and government in the first place, now would he?

I understand that people like Siniora mostly come into contact with western journalists and talking heads from the Main Stream Media, but he has met Condi Rice and John Bolton before. Does he think we're all stupid?

Has he even once denounced the attack by Hezbollah that brought this war to Lebanon?
Not if he wants to stay healthy and in one piece.

Siniora and the Lebanese government meanwhile moved 15,000 Lebanese troops into position to get ready to move into Southern Lebanon.

Whether they and being readied to reinforce Hezbollah or being put into position to take over in South Lebanon and tidy up the missile sites, bunkers and tunnels in the event the IDF leaves and Hezbollah moves back in during a `ceasefire' is anybody's guess.


Anonymous said...

i don't know why someone has not started a contest to find an under study to "baghdad bob".
this guy would be a good candidate.

nazar i have asked you this before, but if you don't tell us what you really think, and continue to sugar coat your comments, we will not be able to engage in intelligent debate.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hezbollah IS Lebanon, and Nasrallah wasn't kidding when he said flat out that Hezbollah runs the country.

As for Siniora, he had better continue to spout the party line and do what he's told if he doesn't want to end up like Gamayl or leetle teensy bits.

So much for `Arab democracy'.

Rosey said...

What you said!