Friday, August 18, 2006

Ralph Peters: Hezbollah 3, Israel 0

In a superb new article, Ralph Peters puts his fingers on what we're watching transpiring in front of our eyes. I'd like to pick holes in this, but I can't...he's simply right on target:

"ISRAEL'S rep for toughness in tatters. Hezbollah triumphant. Iran cockier than ever. Syria untouched. Lebanon's government crippled. An orgy of anti-Semitism in the global media. Anti-Americanism exploding among Iraqi Shi'as inspired by Hezbollah.

Thanks, Prime Minister Olmert. Great job, guy.

The debacle in Lebanon wasn't even a war. It was only round one of a war. And Israel's back in its corner, dazed and punch-drunk...."

Read it all: HEZBOLLAH 3, ISRAEL 0

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