Thursday, August 17, 2006

The UN `ceasefire' gets even better

Now that the French have run out on their UNFIL commitment to help preserve the weak-as-dishwater UN ceasefire resolution on Lebanon, guess who steping up to the plate:

Bangladesh, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Those countries, all anti-Israel Muslim nations without even diplomatic ties to Israel and the scene of massive, fanatic pro-Hezbollah demonstrations are going to provide the `peacekeepers' between Israel and Lebanon!

Malaysia's offer came when Israel said it might oppose the inclusion of countries with which it does not have diplomatic ties, Reuters reported, citing Malaysian Defense Minister Najib Razak.

"There is no reason whatsoever to stop us from sending our men there,'' Razak told reporters according to al-Reuters.

"I think we're in business," UN Deputy Secretary-General Mark Malloch Brown said.

"We were disappointed," Malloch Brown said of the French commitment. "We had hoped France would be able to do more, but the French announcement did not deter others."

Oh, I'll just bet it didn't.

I don't know which is more amazing..the blatant hypocrisy the `international community' is engaging in or the Olmertgovernment's placid acceptance of the fact thatthey're being hosed at every turn.

So, not only does Hezbollah get to keep its arms, get resupplied by Iran and stay in possesion of its bases in South they get jihadi reinforcements.

Israel had better be very concerned..the knives are out like never before.


Anonymous said...

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ropsucks said:
Israel will not make the same mistake twice.


Anonymous said...

Israel can never trust in mortal man. No one knows that lession better than Israel. Israel must never forget who they can trust in, G_d. H_ has promised NEVER to leave us or forsake us. Then we have to be sure to do the SAME!

H_ has been victorious over greater 100% of the time. But we need to keep our eye on H_m as the tribe of Israel did for 40 yrs. coming to their home. Flame and Smoke marked their way, and it will mark the way of their who want to bring Israel harm.

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