Wednesday, August 09, 2006

British plot to blow up planes in midflight foiled by Scotland Yard

Scotland Yard disrupted a major terrorist plot to blow up planes in mid-flight from the UK to the US.

According to the stories I've seen, the plot involved detonating explosive devices smuggled on aircraft in hand luggage.

This isn't over yet. Security at all airports in the UK has been tightened and MI5 has raised the UK threat level to critical - the highest possible.

MI5's website defines a `critical threat level' to mean "an attack is expected imminently and indicates an extremely high level of threat to the UK".

Scotland Yard said in a statement that their investigation into the alleged plot was a "major operation" which would be "lengthy and complex".

Funny the stories I saw on this on the Beeb, Reuters UK, The Guardian and the rest of the British press, the word `Muslim' was conspicuous by its abscence.

About 18 people have been reported arrested, mostly in London.

Must have been those terrorist Catholic nuns or Scandanavian tourists at the bottom of this...couldn't have been anyone involved with the `Religion of Peace', now could it?

I guess all the anti-Israel press coming out of Britain and the Foreign Secretary throwing a hissy fit over US arms shipments to Israel landing in Scotland didn't buy them any immunity,did it?

Wake up, cousins...for your own sake.

Update: One of my contacts in Britain who ought to know sent me an e-mail and has informed me that the people arrested are all British-born Muslims of Pakistani origin. Now there's a surprise..

Like I said..wake up cousins.


Anonymous said...

Funny the stories I saw on this on the Beeb, Reuters UK, The Guardian and the rest of the British press, the word `Muslim' was conspicuous by its abscence.

all stories i have seen are written in this fashion/manner.
i'm going to go to webster on-line and look up the definition/meaning of the word dhimmitude.
my money says the people over at CAIR are laughing their asses off.
i also think this will disappear from the front pages tommorrow........unless of course they are able to blame the jooooos. yeah, that's was the jooooos that did it.

Freedom Fighter said...

They are suffering from dhimmi-itis.


Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Nazar,
President Bush referred to them as `Islamic fascists'in his brief remarks today.

When I started this site, NOBODY would have used those terms and they still uniformly referred to the struggle we're engaged in as `the War on Terror.'

Things are evolving, slowly.

I'll have a bit more onthis later.

Anonymous said...

the West simply because of who we are, not so much what we do.

it may be just syntax but i disagree. i believe it is equal parts.

what we do is let men make laws for men.
what we do is NOT let a political agenda cloaked in a religion(of any stripe) make our laws for us.
what we do is recognize men and women as equals.
what we do is to make our life here on earth easier, and by doing so modernize conveniences to achieve this.
imo we do many things that "they" hate us for. so much of what we do determines who we are.
with that said, i agree "they" hate us just because we are.

Rosey said...

How many times can you hit the snooze button? We keep hearing about wake up calls. How many have we had? Start counting 9/11 as #1 (even though it wasn't).

Anonymous said...

i would say the initial blast, circa 1993, in the WTC basement is #1 (even though it wasn't).

Freedom Fighter said...

I would actually date the real start of this back in the 7th century, when Islam first embarked on its war of conquest to invade the non-Muslim world.

Mohammed, right before he died in 632CE told his followers that it was their religious duty to fight the unbelievers until they either died, became Muslims or `felt themselves subdued' and paid jirzya(tribute) to Muslims.

They weren't stopped until over 1,000 years later.

We merely have had a couple of centuries of rest, a `hudna' or ceasefire if you will, for a couple of centuries.

The modern beginnings of the latest jihad started, IMO with the nationalization of the property of the Western oil companies, the formation of OPEC and the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979.

9/11 occurred exactly 318 years after the Muslim Turks were driven from Vienna, the high water mark of the Muslim conquest.

The 9/11 date was no accident..these people have long memories.

Anonymous said...

You there maybe something here for us to use. Never one to waste not want not. Every time we get a group of these folks together and convicted. Why not book a flight full of them on a used up old jet. Radio control the jet over the country that supported them and broke the old jet up with them in it. It would save money on executing them in a more conventional way, make use of an old jet going to the junk yard and finally let their own see what it is to find body parts dropping down over their homeland. Understand I am not talking about just murdering individuals. There would be convicted Muslim terrorists sentenced to be executed. I just am not sure what kind of movie we should show on the flight.

Anonymous said...

We, my wife Nancy and I, immediately appreciated when George Bush started using the term, Homicide Bombers, instead of Suicide Bombers.

Many forget President Bush was president only a short time when the Chinese knocked our spy plane out of the sky and it had to land on the Chinese Island. I am not going to argue the right and wrong of this, but President Bush got our men and women back in a very short time. There is no school a president could go to prepare for this kind of thing. His faith has supported him and guided him from the first day until now. No one is perfect, but could you imagine Clinton or Kennedy handling these kinds of issues. They can not even take care of their own personal lives.

So he takes care of the Chinese thing then 9/11 explodes in our faces. There is no Class for Terrorism 101 and again for a man who just became President I think he did a real fine job. President Bush is a Christian, he made mistakes in his past and he has used those mistakes to make improvements in his life. Clinton and Kennedy, now there is a team. Kennedy is chairman of the US Senate Ethics committee. That goes together as well as the term Jumbo Shrimp. If he is anything he is a Jumbo Shrimp when it comes to leadership or lack of leadership.