Thursday, August 31, 2006

Common sense from Bill Maher - of all people

I find Bill Maher's sarcastic, Leftist condescension pretty wearing for the most part, but where credit is due. Seen and heard on Larry King, last Monday night:

KING: What did you make of the whole Middle East thing about Hezbollah?

MAHER: Well, I wrote a -- we were just talking about Arianna in the back. I wrote a little blog for Arianna about that because it was her birthday, you know. I'm not a big blogger but when it's her birthday you can't turn her down. And I was saying that to me, you know, the world is Mel Gibson because the world is anti-Semitic.

KING: The world?

MAHER: Absolutely and the proof of that is that they ask Israel to maintain a level of restraint when they're attacked that no other country would ever be asked to uphold.

I mean can you imagine if there was a terrorist organization that took over the country on our northern border, which would be Canada, and they started shelling us in our northern cities and Minnesota and Bangor, Maine was being shelled, what do you think George Bush would do?

I think he would nuke them before breakfast. And, look, you know I don't like George Bush but he is the best president we've ever had on Israel because for some reason he gets that....

I had Spike Lee on Friday night and I was saying, you know, when you see Katrina a year later these people can't get help. A day after the war ended there is Hezbollah handing out and peeling off hundred dollar bills, American, U.S. currency, hundred dollar bills.

KING: Where did it come from, Iran?

MAHER: Where did it come from? It came from U.S. consumers buying gasoline. I wish someone would do a little tape where they would morph that, morph the guy at the pump paying for his gasoline here in America into the Hezbollah guy peeling off those hundred dollar bills. Yes, we buy gasoline. It does to Iran because they sell us the oil. They get the money to Hezbollah. Hezbollah shells Israel. It's a continuum.

So, you know, I feel really bad for Lebanon. I'm sorry you got your country all bombed up. But, you know, when you let a terrorist organization take over your country that's what's going to happen. I'll tell you two Arab countries that never get bombed, Egypt and Jordan, because they made a peace treaty with Israel. Try it.

Way huge shout out to my homie Patrick at Clarity & Resolve.


cakreiz said...

"I'll tell you two Arab countries that never get bombed, Egypt and Jordan, because they made a peace treaty with Israel. Try it." You just never know with ol' Bill. Pick through the bile and hostility and every now and then, he gets it just right. He's much better as an iconoclast than an ideologue.

Freedom Fighter said...

I'm not a Bill Maher, fan.but he hot the target on this one.


Anonymous said...

Of course, someone should let Bill know the hundred dollar bills being handed out bu Hezb'allah were counterfeit. By this same token, perhaps we should show a guy at the pump morphing into a Canadian shopping in Toronto since we buy more oil from Canada than we do from Iran.

Rosey said...

Rosey is so ignorant, he doesn't even know who Maher is! But I agree with the above screed...right on!