Monday, August 21, 2006

Bush wants UNFIL peacekeepers to hurry to Lebanon...and gives Hezbollah some more of our money

Today,President Bush urged Bush urged International Forces to speed to Lebanon to uphold what's becoming an increasingly bogus ceasefire. You'd think he had more important stuff to deal Iran.

The president further upped the amount of our money that he pledged in aid to the Lebanese government from $50 million to more than $230 million!

Given that Hezbollah is already taking an a ctive role in the reconstruction and given Hezbollah's pernicious influence in the lebanese govenrment, how much of that `humanitarian' aid to you reckon will end up in Hezbollah's pockets?

Hey, the FF is just asking...but I seem to remember a little something somebody once said about not supporting governments that harbor terrorists.

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linearthinker said...

He's gotta be down on the ranch mowin' wacky-tobakky and breathin' the fumes. How else to explain it?

But what the hell? It's only $230 million. Take it outta Condi's imprest funds.