Sunday, August 06, 2006

Meanwhile, in Gaza...Hamas shows their essential nature in the Shalit kidnapping

One of the frustrating things for me as I observe the conduct of the War Against Jihad is the fallacy of well-meaning Westerners continually assuming, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary that we are dealing with people who share core values with us, and who will act rationally and in what we would describe as a civilized manner.

The Palestinian people in Gaza are suffering because of the Israeli invasion and lockdown of this area. I can acknowledge that,no matter how I might feel that it was justified as a response to an act of war and no matter how much the Palestinians themselves might be culpable for voting Hamas into office and supporting them in the first place.

The Palestinians and their allies in the West like to use the term `collective punishment'to describe Israeli retaliations for the most blatant attacks and atrocities committed against Israeli civilians and military. The reality is that the Palestinian leadership are the ones doling out collective punishment - both to Israel's civilians and to their own people. And in that context, the actions of the Palestinian leadership are inexcusable.

There has been some movement recently in the case of kidnapped Israeli corporal Gilad Shalit. His kidnappers have released some demands for his release, and the demands are very illustrative of the values these people have.

They are demanding the release of convicted murderer and Tanzim leader Marwan Bargouti, PFLP head Ahmad Sa'adat, the killers of former Minister Rehavam Ze'evi, and dozens of other senior terrorists convicted of murdering Israeli civilians, according to Palestinian daily Al-Quds.

Israel Radio confirmed this, and said the demands were conveyed to Israel through a third party...probably Egypt, I'm guessing.

Meanwhile, Hamas has refused Israel's request for a recent photo of Shalit or to allow a written message from him to be sent to his family.

Over the weekend, Hamas once again rejected requests by the Red Cross for a meeting with Gilad Shalit.

A senior Hamas official, Osama al-Mazini, said the talks on Shalit were not making progress and that Hamas had rejected an Egyptian offer to transfer Shalit to Egyptian custody in exchange for guarantees for the release of Palestinian prisoners at a later date.

These are the same people who talk about a `humanitarian crisis' in Gaza, something that is lapped up by Palestinian groupies on the Left in the EU and the US.

They support people who want terrorists who murdered civilians in cold blood freed and refuse to allow the Red Cross to visit a captive to check on his condition.

The 500 pound gorilla that sits in the room with the western proponents of the Palestinian cause is this simple fact - that, bottom line, the Palestinians, along with a lot of other Islamist jihadis don't regard Jews as human beings.

The Islamic fascists feel that way about any other non-Muslims, but that fact hasn't yet penetrated the consciousness of all those Palestinian groupies who continue to support them.

That is something they will have to deal with in the future.

In a very personal way.

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