Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Watcher's Council nominations, 8/23/06

Every week, the Watcher's Council nominate two posts each, one from the Council members and one from outside for consideration by the whole Council. The complete list of this week’s Council nominations can be found at our fearless leader's site Watcher of Weasels

Some great stuff this week:

1.J O S H U A P U N D I T: Transcript of the Mike Wallace Ahmadinejad interview This has to be one of the most unintentionally hilarious pairings in journalistic history...a jihadi fanatic with a senile old fart of a talking head is funny just on the face of it. I can't imagine that CBS cares about what's left of its credibility as a news organization what they set up somebody like Mike Wallace to do a serious interview of this kind. The full trancript, with of course, your pal FF's wit and wisdom on the proceedings...

2. Done With Mirrors: Snake in the Grass Callimachus muses on German author Gunther Grass's revelation that, like a lot of Germans, he was part of the problem during WWII rather than part of the solution.

3.Gates of Vienna: The Nation-State vs Anarchy and Imperialism Dymphna uses a Mark Steyn column as a take off point for a fine essay on something I've said for quite a while...that the whole idea of a nation/state is a western concept and thus foreign to Islam, where the loyalties are tribal and to the Muslim umma. This tells us a lot about some of the danger some western nations face from the large concentrations of Muslims within their borders, who may have some divided say the least.
Good 'un, Dymphna!

4. ShrinkWrapped: On Meaning A fine essay by ShrinkWrapped as he explores the human search for meaning and purpose and how it relates to the War on Jihad. Done superbly, in Shrinkwrapped's usual style.

5. Dem nominee quality control unlikely to improve : Socratic Rhythm Method:: Matt eamines the proposed shakeup of the democratic party primary schedule and why it's a non-starter.

6. The Glittering Eye:Iran shells PKK bases Dave Schuler examines the little known Iranian and Turkish artillary attacks on Kurdish territory in Iraq.

7. The Education Wonks: The Knucklehead Of The Day: Teacher Dan Holden A teacher burning American flags to make a point?? Hmmm...EdWonk has the details.

8.Rhymes With Right:Wallace Steps Back -- Sekula-Gibbs Is Lone Write-In Candidate Greg discusses the congressional race in his home district for Tom DeLay's old seat.

9. Right Wing Nut House: IRAQ: QUIT OR COMMIT Honestly, I was selfishly hoping Rick Moran wouldn't submit this for's that good, to the point where it saves me having to write something similar, and most likely not as skillfully as he does. Rick makes the point that we either need to commit to victory in Iraq (which in my mind, means more boots on the ground, confronting Iran and Syria and liquidating al-Sadr and the Shiite militias) or leave, plain and simple. Regular members of Joshua's Army know that I linked to this as soon as Rick put it's that good.

10. The Sundries Shack: Bring them home. Now Jimmie Bise writes a killah piece on the two journalists kidnapped by the Palestinians as hostages and his outrage at the MSM for ignoring the situation.

11.AbbaGav - An Israeli Dad Blogs Israel, the Mideast and the World Abbagav satirically dissects the bloviations of French Foreign Minister Phillipe Dousty-Blazy on Lebanon and Hezbollah. At one point, Abbagav takes pains to inform the reader that Mousssier Dousty Blazy is not a flammable feminine hygiene product. D'accord mes ami...Dousty-Blazy is actually a bag used in conjunction with certain feminie hygiene products.

12. Soccer Dad: Antisemitism for fun and profit Last but certainly not least, Soccerdad completes a truly fine group of posts withhis take on anti-Semitism as used by certain entetainers in Europe, and an examination of a recent anti Islamic terrorist ad placed by certain Hollywood figures in the Los Angeles Times.

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