Monday, August 21, 2006

Robert Spencer interview on C-Span - Now that's must-see TV!

Jihad Watch's Robert Spencer, author of books like `Onward Muslim Soldiers' and `A politically incorrect guide to Islam and the Crusades' did a C-Span interview that can be viewed on Real Player via the following link:

Q&A: Robert Spencer

Here is a link to the transcript: Q & A

Predictably, the good jihadists at CAIR are protesting his appearance and have issued their own Fatwa, asking their adherants to write to C-Span protesting this `Islam basher'.

I urge YOU to write to C-Span and give them a high five for airing this at:

Way Huge shout out to Charles at lgf

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

well, uh, ff this sort of can be maybe viewed as a victory for our side. i mean since when has their side ever asked their followers to "write" anything. i mean this is what would happen in the west. as opposed to doing what CAIR would actually have their followers do. i mean in the past C-Span would become Ka-Boom.
too far of a reach?
thought so.