Monday, August 14, 2006

Two interesting looks at the Lebanon War

First off we have the one and only Pamela from Atlas Shrugged interviwing John Bolton live in a revealing look at the behind the scenes in the UN on Lebanon and Iran. I respect Bolton enormously,but think that his counting on Russia, China and France to allow sanctions on Iran or to abide by them in the remote chance they are implemented is a fallacy..but I also understand that there are constraints on what he can and can't say.

His analysis of the UN ceasefire resolution is fascinating, and a must listen-to:

Politics Central: The Pamela Report: Atlas Interviews John Bolton

Next up, a new column by one of my favorite military writers, Ralph Peters:LESSONS SO FAR: HARD TRUTHS TO LEARN FROM ISRAEL'S WAR ON HEZBOLLAH

As always, Peters is right on the money for the most part when he talks about the military and tactical lessons the IDF has learned from this war. And by the way, he was there on site during the fighting.


Anonymous said...

off topic comment:
at mm site she has an interview which states that the war was supported by a broad spectrum of people with the exception of the far left and far right. i am assuming the far left is the equivalent of our moonbats.

can you explain/speculate what this statement would mean?

Anonymous said...

i know that raplh peters was addressing the here and now regarding the fighting in hezzbanon, but when he addressed the big picture he left out pakistan.

cakreiz said...

I caught the Atlas Shrugs piece yesterday. The Ralph Peters piece is concise and amazing, hitting every nail on the head. Thanks for the referrals.

linearthinker said...

I'm a fan of Pamela and supporter of Bolton. I've read the resolution and listened to the interview. A serious flaw in the resolution seems to be that those provisions that Bolton's so proud of all have the qualifying clause 'by the request of the government of Lebanon,' or words to that effect. Bad medicine. When will they ever learn?