Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Kofi leaves Israel and Lebanon empty handed

Kofi Annan and the UN are the Rodney Dangerfield of international relations, who get no respect...except their material isn't nearly as funny.

First, the UN Secretary general trucked over to Lebanon to do some photo-ops in the rubble of the Hezbollah strongholds subjected to a forced `remodeling' courtesy of the IDF, and then he huddled with Lebanese prime Minister Siniora to say that, yes, he wanted Resolution 1701 enforced and Hezbollah to be disarmed...without providing any framework or any assistance from the new UNIFIL forces to do it! Then, he asked for news of the two Israeli hostages and said that they should be turned over to the Red Cross.

Hezboallah and Siniora told Kofi to go pound some sand, on all counts...and wouldn't even provide any proof that the hostages are still alive.

Next, Annan went to Israel to tell the Israelis that they needed to immediately end the blockade of Lebanon before the arms embargo to Hezbollah mandated by 1701 is enforced and to pull back the IDF before the new UNIFIL forces moved in. At which point Olmert likewise turned him down on all counts.

I can't imagine what Annan thought he was doing, unless he expected that either Hezbollah or more likely, the Israelis would be stupid enough to be impressed by him and follow his orders.

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Anonymous said...

Yep! As I said today in my post... The United Nations is a Toothless Tiger (kitten) and pretty much Oxy-Morons!

Diplomacy does not equate to placation!