Monday, August 07, 2006

Pro-Hezbollah protests in Londonistan

Ahh Londonistan...This weekend, British Muslims and Leftist jihadi apologists Stop The War staged an `Unconditonal ceasefire Now' protest and claim that up to 100,000 protestors showed up. Certainly, it was a well attended event as Muslims and their Leftist allies from all over Britain showed up to protest Israel's campaign against Hezbollah.

The pictures are worth a thousand words, I think. These came courtesy of More pictures plus videos of some of the speeches and chants are available at the site.

Hezbollah flags flying near Big Ben in Londonistan

`We are all Hezbollah!' Notice the picture of the Ayatollah Khomeini proudly displayed

George Galloway and Islamist writer Anas AlTikriti share a few yucks

Britain's communist party shows the flag for Radical Islam

`Two, four, six, eight- Israel is a terrorist state!' Children chant slogans.

Dismembered red painted doll parts and a paper coffin left at #10 Downing Street, British PM Tony Blair's office


Freedom Fighter said...

Nazar, one of my correspondants in Londonistan told me in an e-mail two years ago that one of the most bizarre sights she's ever seen was hardline Leftist feminists, gay activists, Academics and other Lefty's demonstrating in London alongside to radical Muslims.

They have NOTHING in common except a hatred for Jews and Israel!

This alliance has been going on for quite some time.

Take a gander at Zombie's site (blogroll) and read David Horowitz's `Unholy Alliance' for more info.

Anonymous said...

They have NOTHING in common except a hatred for Jews and Israel!

and right handed white american men.

Anonymous said...

the left not really understanding what is at stake here,

there is also a variation on this statement, would be there are those, leftist, who don't want to know what is at stake here. i am of course not speaking for ff, but i think these are whom ff is speaking

their view would be that if musolini(sp) can make the trains run on time, he must be a good ruler/leader. and since cuba makes world class cigars, castro must be good for cuba.

this is their world view. if the leftist could just throw off the oil barons at royal dutch shell, the iranians/saudis would galdly sell their oil at an equivalent of 10cents/gallon of gasoline. that is after all the current going price in iran. it is these robber barons of the free market that are what we need to be rid off. not the mullahs, or the theocrats. these are people who are not interested in what is behind door #1, #2, or #3. because what ever it is, inspires imagination, and that leads to dreams, and that leads to capitalism, which is bad. so don't question, don't investigate, because if you do you might have to think and reason. it is best to just......go along. i believe that was the theme portrayed in the movie, "the sound of music". choosing to just get along as opposed to seeing "them" for what "they" really are/were.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Guys,
Nazar, the phrase I think you're looking for is `useful idiots' coined by an expert in creating and using them,one V.I. Lenin who I think you might have heard of.

Do read Horowitz's book if you can.

The Left hates Israel because it helped defeat the Soviets in the Cold War, because it has been successfully identified with `imperialist Amerikkka', and most of all because of a multi-billion dollar propaganda campaign funded by the Saudis, concentrated in academia and the media.

I think prhaps you were an unwitting victim of some of this propaganda. You're not alone.

Do a search under `Saudis' on this site..I've written a couple of pieces on this.

BTW Louie, believe it or not, gasoline is rationed in Iran! No joke..they have a severe lack of refining technology and poor
in-country distribution.

Nice to see you!