Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Condi Rice meets with terrorists..and the Bush Administration proves, once again that they're hypocrites on terrorism and `Arab democracy'

To be honest, this makes me spitting mad.

Today, our Secretary of State, Condi Rice is sitting down with the Palestinians. And not just ANY Palestinians, but the Tanzim, the so-called `military wing' of Abbas' Fatah...and the go-to guys since the days of Arafat when the murder of Israeli civilians is called for.The al Aksa Martyr's Brigade is part of this group.

These creeps don't just have innocent blood on their hands..they're awash in it.

Here's just a partial list of just some of their exploits:

April 12, 2002: The bombing of the Mahane Yehuda market in Jerusalem. The attack left 6 civilians dead and over 60 wounded.

March 29, 2002: The bombing of a supermarket in the neighborhood of Kiryat Yovel in Jerusalem. Two Israeli civilians died and 22 were wounded in the attack.

January 27, 2002: Suicide bomber Wafa' Idris, a resident of Ramallah, perpetrated in Jerusalem the first suicide bombing attack planned and coordinated by the Fatah's Tanzim organization (assisted by the Palestinian General Intelligence). One Israeli civilian, a 62 year old grandfather was killed and 90 were wounded in the attack.

March 2, 2002: The Yeshivat Beit Yisrael massacre when ten religious students were attacked by al Aksa terrorists in their school and murdered.

January 5, 2003 The Tel-Aviv central bus station massacre in Southern Tel Aviv..23 were murdered

April 30, 2003 The `Mike's Place' club bombing in Tel Aviv - 3 dead.

January 29, 2004: The Jerusalem Bus #19 bombing, which murdered 11 Israelis.

February 22, 2004 The Jerusalem bus #14 bombing in Bell Garden, Jerusalem which killed 8

February 25, 2005 : The "Stage Club" bombing on the Tel Aviv sea promenade which murdered 5 Israelis.

August 28, 2005: Central Bus Station Beer Sheva bombing in Beer Sheva which had a toll of 50 injured, 2 critically.

April 17, 2006:the Old Central Bus Station massacre in Tel Aviv. 11 Israeli civilians died in that attack.This was the attack where Daniel Wultz, American citizen was mortally injured and later died for the crime of picking the wrong felafel resturant to eat at (Z"l). You know, the guy Abu Nasser, one of the leaders of the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades who helped plan his murder had this to say about:

"This is a gift from Allah. We wish this young dog will go directly with no transit to hell...we say to the Americans we wish you more Daniel Wultzs and more pain and sorrow because it seems that this is the only thing you deserve."

June 26th, 2006: the kidnap and murder of Eliyahu Asheri, 18, of Itamar (Z"l).
I could list literally pages of terrorist attacks perpetrated by these people. Some of their crimes, like the deliberate murder of a pregnant woman and her three young daughters in a drive by shooting, the deliberate firebombing of a two year old in a carset, or the home invasion and murder of a defenceless mom and her two young sons defy belief.

That's who Condi Rice is shaking hands with today.

Anybody remember a certain US president saying, `You're either with the terrorists or with us'?


Even worse, in some ways than our Secretary of State shaking hands with terrorist murderers is the Bush Administration's hypocritical approach to what they claim is a policy goal..the so-called `Arab democracy'.

The Palestinian election, if nothing else was a clear and fair mandate that showed exactly what the Palestinian people wanted.
They voted for Hamas for a lot of reasons, but among them was the simple fact that the vast majority of them have no intentions of living in peace next to other words, this is a clear example of actual Arab democracy at work.

The Palestinians made their choice, but the Bush Administration refuses to honor it, because it means cutting off aid and contact.

Because the Bush Administration wants to look good and curry favor with people like the Saudis and the EU and continue to flush more taxpayer dollars down the Palestinian rathole without actually breaking US law by funding a terrorist government, they are actively working to subvert the Palestinian democracy by supporting Arafat II because he's better at hiding his real agenda - the elimination of Israel.

This kind of hypocrisy is disgusting on every level. Not to mention damaging to our war effort...because it makes the enemy realize we haven't gotten serious about fighting jihad yet.


Clovis Sangrail said...

I know this happens but I really don't understand why.

Is the administration under so much pressure to do something for the "opressed and victimised" Palestinians that it has to deal with these scum?

Or is it that they continue to try to practise realpolitik, and cynically attempt, as the Haaretz article states, to promote the Fatah terrorists over the Hamas ones?

I know that here in the UK all the MSM have signed up to the "it's terrible how the Palestinians are suffering even more thanks to the withdrawal of cash aid from a cynical US that promotes democracy only so long as the desired side is elected" line.
So, whatever they do they can't win. This, however, seems to be a terrible choice.

Karridine said...

Man, you have reason for your righteous anger! Is there an actual possibility that the al-Saudi will CUT OFF oil to us if we act with integrity?

C'mon, Mr Bush, get whole again!

Arcticman Speaks! said...

The continued eroding of our government's resolve makes me sick. It's all a bunch of tough talk watered down by ass kissing. This kind of crap causes the terrorists to believe that we won't support Israel the next time they're attacked. It also implies that we would be willing to negotiate with insurgents.I can only hope that Ms.Rice is just following orders, although that offers me little comfort.

Anonymous said...

You make peace with your enemies not with your friends.

How many times as Rice travelled to Syria? I think Jim Baker said that he made 15 trips. He got a bit closer to a peace agreement.