Sunday, May 27, 2007

Another Israeli death in Sderot

Oshri Oz, 36, from Hod Hasharon near Tel Aviv, was killed by a Hamas missile hit on his car in Sderot today, May 27th.(z"l)

He left a pregnant wife and a two-year old daughter; his wife had to be hospitalized when she received the news. Another two people were injured by a missile explosion, one of nine Sunday. The missiles were deliberately aimed at the city’s largest public park and community center.

A friend of Oz told Army Radio that he was an "amazing fellow, only good with no bad." The friend said that he and Oz were part of a closely-knit group of friends that had stayed together for over 25 years. "It's hard to speak of him in the past tense. He was always there for us," he said.

I write this because,while you'll find loads of coverage on Palestinian casualties in the dinosaur media, including the most outlandish claims of civilian deaths, you won't find much on Oshri Oz or the family he left behind. You'll also find a deliberate equivalence in the Main Stream media between the Israeli raids on Hamas facilities and missile sites and the Palestinians deliberately targeting civilians in Israel.

Common sense should tell anyone with an ounce of discrimination that is the Israeli were really targeting civilians with the abandon of their Palestinian `peace partners', the Palestinian death toll would be inthe tens of thousands and this war would have been over long ago.

And by the way, it's not just Hamas.

Last night, Palestinians getting a paycheck from Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah struck at the border checkpoints in Jerusalem, injuring four border police in a shooting attack.

The shooters were part of the al-Aksa Martyrs' brigade, and the IDF killed all three of them.

The IDF's response to this carnage has been to launch dozens of targeted missile strikes over the past 10 days that have killed 48 Palestinians and damaged Hamas facilities in an effort to end the Hamas rocket fire from Gaza at Israeli border towns.

So far, it's been unsuccessful. And so far, Mahmoud Abbas has failed to use any of those fancy and expensive security forces and armaments to reign in Hamas, which should tell us which side of the fence he's on.

I'll say it again...the Israelis needn't invade, unless they are going to go all the way, make Gaza part of Israel and displace the current inhabitants. All the Israelis need do is shut off the water and electricity and begin targeting Gaza's infrastructure and the Palestinian leaders to end this thing, and end it quicky. And if Abbas is unwilling to commit his forces in this effort, he's obviously part of the problem and needs to be dealt with in the same fashion.

Either the Israelis will end up with a real peace partner or the end to a ridiculous charade that has already cost far too many lives since Oslo.

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