Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Iran made ordnance ramps up US military deaths in Iraq

There were 69 identifiable attacks on our troops in Iraq in April using Iran-made armor piercing EFP's, causing 14 US deaths and 47 injuries.

This was almost double the March figure of 38 attacks.

The US military spokesman for CENTCOM in Iraq confirmed that homicide car bombings in Iraq were up 30% since January and that Iranian intelligence officials were directly working with Sunni Muslim insurgent groups in Iraq.

One of those bombings took place today in the Kurdish capitol of Irbil today,where a truck bomb killed 14 people and injured 87.

Kurdistan had been relatively free of this sort of thing until this could very well be a warning from Iran to the Kurds not to push for independence, delay the oil revenue bill or otherwise assert themselves with the Iran backed Shiite Iraqi government.

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