Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fatah's head of security in Gaza quits

In a major blow to Mahmoud Abbas and Fatah's efforts to take over Gaza, Fatah's security chief in Gaza quit today.

Rashid Abu Shabak, the top Fatah security chief in the Gaza Strip, decided he's had enough and gave his resignation to Abbas.

Abu Shabak's resignation came two weeks after Hamas militiamen raided his villa and killed six of his bodyguards in Gaza City. He hasn't been seen in Gaza surprise there.

Shabak is also a major crony of Fatah gang boss Muhammed Dahlan..which made him persona non grata to Hamas, to say the least.

Now, here's an interesting bit...Hamas has proposed that Abbas appoint Jibril Rajoub, of all people to Shabak's job.

Rajoub used to be the Fatah enforcer head of Palestinian Preventive Security
who helped facilitate all the illegal arms shipments for Arafat (including the infamous Karine-A ) and skim millions of donor aid dollars into Arafat's private eaccounts. And that information came right from the mouth of none other than Arafat's own finance minister Fuad Shubaki.

Rajoub and Hamas PM Ismail Haniyeh used to have some bad blood between them, but apparently they've kissed and made up if Haniyeh wants Rajoub to be Fatah's man in Gaza. And Rajoub's brother, Naif, was an ex-Hamas cabinet minister before the unity government, so Jibril Rajoub is connected...

The Palestinians continue to do their best to make the Mafia look good. It simply amazes me how people can take these people seriously as a candidate for nationhood.

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Anonymous said...

You write: ""It simply amazes me how people can take these people seriously as a candidate for nationhood." I agree entirely. These people are like criminals. Criminals, such as these, should be thrown in jail and have the keys thrown away. These people should not be given a soverign state. They should be kept under tight control by someone for the foreseeable future. Then, when they are ready to live as civilized people, they should be relocated to Jordan and other surronding Arab nations. Actually they should be relocated to Jordan and other surrounding Arab nations right now. Those nations created the problem in the first place. They should be the ones who are given the primary responsibility of solving it.