Friday, May 11, 2007

Lebanon's PM Siniora shills for the Saudi `peace' ultimatum

One of the Bush Administration's favorite Arab politicians, Lebanese PM Fouad Siniora weighed in at the New York Times today on how the Israelis should hurry up and accept the Saudi `peace' ultimatum to Israel.

My friend Carl in Jerusalem at Israel Matzav has a good piece that examines Siniora's deceptive screed and why accepting the Saudi/Arab league plan is a recipe for Israel's national suicide.

There are some things I'm sure Carl is aware of but didn't bring up, so I will.

First there's is Siniora's blatant lie (among many others) that the Saudi ultimatum seeks only to establish a Palestinian state `only 22 percent of historic Palestine' which completely ignores the 80% the Arabs already own in a country established for them by the British called Jordan.

Secondly, there's the little fact that the Arabs never accepted Israel's establishment in 1948, let alone the 1967 lines, and Israel is supposed to move back to indefensible borders strictly on the word of the Arabs that they've now changed their minds, and before any `normal relations' occur.

Then there's the fact that the Saudis and Siniora are shilling for the `right of return' for millions of hostile Arabs - supposedly the refugees and their descendants - to Israel, ignoring the rights and claims of the almost one million Jews who were ethnically cleansed from the Arab world after 1948. And, to add to the mix, this is supposed to occur while Israel is footing the multi-billion dollar bill for uprooting thousands of its own citizens!

I'm certainly not surprised this bilge appeared in the New York Times, but it's a pity they chose to publish this nonsense.

The only `peace' the Saudis and the Arab League have in mind for the Jews of Israel is the peace of the cemetery.


Anonymous said...

I figured out during the Israel/Lebanon last summer war that Lebanon is no friend of Israel or of the West. Actually I suspected it before then but last summer's war made it crystal clear. First the Leanese government allows Hezbollah to set up terrorist camps/military bases along Israel's border then when Israel acts to remove this existential threat to them Lebanese leaders can't wait to get to a microphone so they can condemn Israel!! After all, the nerve of those Jews to dare to try and defend themselves.

The Iranian/Syrian/Lebanese proxy of Hezbollah will probably attack Israel again. When they do, Israel should move quickly to liquidade the government of Lebanon.

When Israel withdrew from Lebanon in 2000, they were forced to go back in. This is a bit off topic but if the US withdraws from Iraq permaturely, the US will probably be forced to go back in later, as Iraq would in all likelyhood become a terrorist supporting state.

Freedom Fighter said...

Hi Wzvphvd,

Given the ties of the maliki government to their jihad pals in Iran, I think you could safely say they already support jihad.

As for us, we will probably be starting to leave by this summer.

Anonymous said...

I agree that we will probably start to leave by this summer. A while back I had predicted we would be out by July 31, 2007. I have since revised that prediction. I look for us to be completely out by the end of September but we will probably start to leave around the end of June.

I don't think it is necessarily a done deal that Iraq's Shia population will be a proxy of Iran. Iraq's Shia did not side with Iran during the Iran/Oraq war. I think there me some differences between Arabs and Persians that we could exploit.

As long as we are unable to provide security for the Shia, they are going to be looking to Iran to do so. If we can provide security for the Shia, we may be able to pull them away from Iran.

I think one of the biggest mistakes we made after the liberation of Iraq was to allow Islamic parties to run for office. Allowing Islamic parties to run for office would be a bit like allowing Nazis to run for office after Germany was defeated in WWII or allowing people loyal to the emprorer to run for office in post WWII Japan.