Thursday, May 24, 2007

Catching up after my break..

Howdy Y'all!
Your humble Freedom Fighter was absent starting Tuesday evening due to observance of the holiday of Shavuos, the day when Jews celebrate receiving the Torah from G-d's hands. I meant to post on this before I took off but various leetle last minute details piled up...and unfortunately, Weekend Monkey was campaigning and unable to cover for me.

After all the hard work the little guy is putting into his presidential campaign, I hope he at least gets something out of it.

Anyway, thanks for your forbearance - JoshuaPundit is up, running and blowing down the walls again!


Anonymous said...

a jooish day of observance.......was there food????

Freedom Fighter said...

Yeah, actually!

Observant Jews do an `all-nighter' to study the Holy Book and coffee, pastries, etc are traditional accompaniments.

In addition, dairy foods ( pizza,lasagna cheese blintzes, etc.) are eaten during the holiday as a reflection of the `flowing, life-giving milk' of the Torah.