Monday, May 14, 2007

US to enter into direct talks with Iran

Well, that was quick.

As I predicted , Secretary of State Condi Rice has confirmed today that the US will enter into direct talks with Iran.

The talks will take place in Baghdad, possibly sometime next week.

This is a disgraceful kowtowing to an enemy that has committed acts of war against our country and attacked our troops in the field, and that will not be lost on the governments and peoples in the region.

While the official menu is supposed to be limited to talks on Iraq's security, I guarantee you that they will also touch on a lessening of US pressure on Iran's nuclear enrichment program, and set the stage for a later agreement that allows the mullahs to continue enrichment of agreed on quantities of uranium in exchange for facilitating conditions in Iraq that will allow a US withdrawal.

And meanwhile, the mullahs can work on their nuclear weapons in secret - a face saving deal that calms the waters temporarily and who's danger will only become apparent a couple of years after Bush is safely out of office.

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