Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Massive Hamas rocket barrage into Israel as Gaza gang war continues

The mob violence between Hamas and Fatah continued, with estimates of the dead between 16 and 20 people.

This morning, the Palestinians took time out from killing each other and fired off a barrage of Qassam missiles into Israel, targeting Sderot.

To read Palestinian shills working for the dinosaur media like Nidal al-Mughrabi, Ibrahim Barzak or Sarah El-Deeb , these were `minor strikes with no causalities' and the headlines read like `Israel attacks Gaza amid factional fighting, 4 killed', giving the impression that the Israelis are taking advantage of the Palestinian gang war to kill a few Arabs.

Here's what those `minor strikes' consisted of...

30 Qassam missiles from from Gaza hit Sderot, knocking out all power in the town. That makes over 60 missiles fired at Israel in a period of 48 hours. Some of the rockets hit a basketball court at a school, which, just by chance, had no kids using it. There have been over thirty reported injuries, some of them serious, including a mother and three children. The schools and workplaces are closed in Sderot and in Shear Hanegev next door, and a number of people have evacuated.

Just minor stuff, right? At least if you take the word of the dinosaur media.

Israel did indeed retaliate, finally. First, the IAF targeted a Hamas command center in Rafah, killing 7 and injuring 20. next, they took out a missile crew in Sejaya as they were preparing to launch some more rockets into Israel.

Earlier, Hamas gunmen killed five bodyguards barricaded in the house of Fatah leader Rashid Abu Shbak, whom we're familiar with. Hamas hit the building with sustained mortar fire ( more of those American arms we gave Abbas that Hamas ended up with) and turned it into a rather messy urban renewal project. And late yesterday, an Egyptian diplomat was shot and wounded, and Hamas used those American mortars to hit the Gaza offices of Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas.

The beast continues to eat itself.

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